29 October, 2010

Grasping For Air @ Bentong, Pahang

It was a perfect day to visit my hometown as the everything in KL is seriously driving me crazy. You may say that this is an escape from the reality, =P yes but I enjoyed it :)

It was me, the picture of the day, with a FISH tee shirt ;D

-With the skin-

Mama and I bought this pack of buah berangan
when strolling down the wet market of warm smiles and friendliness from the folks

P/S: it is chestnut in English by the way.


It is awesomely delicious and the sweetest chestnut I've ever eaten on Earth!
Best served when it is still hot :)

Grandma loves this too; But kinda expensive--- Costs me RM10 for 20 pieces = =

*Oh that was only appetizer, here comes our main course ;D

Fish of the day: Steamed cat fish (ikan keli, by the way)
It is my favourite type of fish since young, I have no idae why thou.

四色豆 (Combination of four kinds of beans)

I'm sorry that this isn't halal =/
Marmite pork; It is my first time eating pork after months of living without it!

Grandma is as lovely as the lady in the picture xD!

Fyi my hometown is indeed a kampung house;
Not those brickhouses yet, that's why it brings memories of the old times. How nostalgic.

My grandma's old but super bike (:
It reminisces the ups and downs in the past

Thanks for the memories.
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