06 November, 2010


Hello readers! I’m back after being away from blogsphere for 5 days.

5 days is really long enough to drive my daily traffic into almost zero, yes ZERO I’m not kidding =/
Thanks to the awesome Streamyx connection,
I can’t even get connected at all

Then quickly I applied DiGi Broadband, hoping that it could rescue me!
P/S: Many bloggers wrote good reviews about it, so I gave it a try.

But nope, still I’m disconnected every 10-15 minutes T___T
What happens to every connection nowadays?
Especially when it only hits me =/

Hey I bet you rarely face such problem like mine right?
Any suggestion to improve the line / connection ???

Okay. Enough.
I’ve spent one and a half hour to upload the 3 pictures above and I’m dead tired.
Hope to solve this problem soon :((
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