10 November, 2010

"Memories Night"

Event of the dae: Librarian Annual Dinner 2010 ; “Memories Night”

It was held in the ballroom of Sri Petaling Hotel, somewhere less than 1km away from home.

A shot of me and my outfit of the dae;
Oh ya -.- I look as if I’m in a garden party

Lucky number of the dae: 2329;
It isn’t that lucky after all, coz’ I didn’t get selected for the lucky draw session :(

I love this decoration along the buffet dining table (:
Cucumbers and carrots match perfectly here!

My dinner: Spaghetti, bread with egg, nuggets, fish fingers.

Dessert of the dae: Simple choc cake, with colouring by the way =/

This is the Librarian Board of Director for the current year, with all pretty chics, as usual =P

My picture with them (:

And I am in this picture, the family photo of the ex-librarians aka seniors ;D Everyone was in black or white, except me -.- I guess I look the most casual one on that dae, because of my jeans outfit LOL!

These are my real close friends, whom I tried to hang out with as often as possible T___T

A close shot of my lengzaii old friend ;DDD

As usual, we, KFC would not miss a chance to take picha with our beloved teacher advisor ;D

I couldn’t believe that a year has passed in a glimpse of eyes
and we’re now the ‘honourable’ senior ex-librarians who have graduated last year.

The balloons remind me of Children’s Dae; They were just as young and cheerful as always.

Look at girl on the left, I love her pearl-milky-coloured silky outfit :D

Chandelier of the night

Here comes our King and Queen of the night:

It reminds me of Romeo and Juliet

BestieVivi and I :D

Look at this cute kid, he is only Form 1 this year;
And this picture tells me how old I am actually )):

KFC with wedding flowers =P

Next… Preparation for the great family shooting:

We should be in the photo, or I should say I was in there, last year.

Thanks for the memories of the night (: It was awesome.


  1. Wow, librarians also got memories night one. So nice (:

  2. Wah!School librarian party looks more like a beauty pageant,he!he!

  3. aww, looks like a fun and enjoyable night~!!
    great pictures!!

  4. wow I want to apply be librarian at your school too, so happening. That lucky chap keke.

  5. i liked cake,but i like fish more..huhu....just a joke 4u...(smile)

  6. wheeeeeh!
    you're so cute..:D
    the pictures are very nice..i bet that was really a great night ,^^

  7. I don't know librarian can be that cool.....
    coz I was librarian at school time, but most of us looks like geek :P

  8. OMG.. that choc cake... i'm hungry now.. :)

  9. hey remember i told you i was a librarian too? but we dont have such memorable night like yours...envy you much! xD

  10. hey FiSh , I like your dinner , I wanna steal it . , #lol

  11. eh, y ur skul all librarian is girl one? i want chg to ur skul laa =#

    btw, 2 of ur closest fren, is UTAR one laa! OMG ;D

  12. So you're a librarian.

    Last time my school librarians and prefects don't get along and both are corrupted like mad.

    How come your pics you don't look like wanna smile like that?

  13. Hahas , you look cute in your photos ! (:

    Seems like you had lots of fun !


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