01 December, 2010

Hello December!

December finally arrives (;

It is always the second best month of the year, apart from November, my birthdae month, coz' of...

I bet you know it.
Yes, Christmas!

FiSh ; ViVi ; Keiyan.
Besties forever

Here's the tallest Xmas tree at Pavilion @ KL.

Hello Santa Claus ;D He has reached town!

The decoration of the year is quite similar to the previous year actually, but still I love it. A lot.

Spot my cute hairband!

I realise nowadays they not only sell Santa hats, but also hairbands of all varieties!
Do check them out at your nearest store :D

It's time for "Silent Night" :)

Familiar with this deer? Yes it is reused in Pavilion from last year till now.
Anyway recycling is a good thing, isn't it?

The bells and besties are awesome as always.

I saw this @ Memory Lane.
Am waiting for you to send me this Christmas gift.

Anyone out there?
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