08 December, 2010

Rynn Lin Yu Zhong ;D

Event: Rynn Lin Yu Zhong's album sharing session (林宇中's 校园签唱会)

Venue: MMU Cyberjaya Campus
Date: 18 November 2010, Thursdae
Time: 8-9 pm (Wtf, one hour only = =)

Courtesy to DJ Club for organizing this session :D

The tickets are only RM5 each for member, and RM6 for non-member.

I love the effect here =P

Host of the dae: Jym 庄敬毅
The very same host for Ding Dang’s album sharing session the other dae.

The new album, Dearest Bride has arrived! @ RM40.00 each.

Let's get a closer look of him!

The chatting session; P/S: He is indeed very tall!

During the chatting session, he mentioned that Rynn has come to Cyberjaya before in 2008,
and now he is back to here again!

This girl inside the video indeed has a great interest towards him that she sang a song for him in 2008 and now she is singing again! ---- "Melody", with edited lyrics :)

Look at his perfect complexion (: Especially the eyes =P

Wow, can you 'feel' him?

He is singing with all his strength xD

A full image of him for the night :)
His attire was indeed simple, but pretty!

But one negative thing that I realized was: His fake smile towards the fans =X

I've recorded part of the new song he sang--- 路过的新娘 (Chorus only by the way =P)

Do enjoy the last video of the dae :)

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