15 December, 2010

Meteors; The Shooting Star 2010

I need sleep. Urgently.

Status: 3 am in the midnight Am still doing crazy stuff.

Thanks people for putting a like on my Facebook status!
Let me tell you the details of the midnight:

Time: 1am - 2am
Activity: Eating @ Mamak stall

Time: 3am - 4.30am
Activity: Star-gazing @ MMU Stadium

My friends and I really stayed up till 4 o clock in the morning to watch these shooting stars. Lying on the tracks of the stadium, with mosquitoes all around, can you imagine the itchiness? xD But it worths all when we managed to see the Geminid meteor showers!

Why stadium?
  • It is located at high ground.
  • No ceiling to block our view.
  • That's the widest place inside MMU.
It is the first time in my 18 years life
that I watch real, shooting stars! ;D

Meteors are beautiful, seriously.

Am looking forward to it again next year :)


  1. LOL. so nice. next year still got?

  2. >.<!!!!! geeessshh!!!! I MISSED IT!!!!!! I NVR SEEN THAT BEFORE AND I ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE !!!T.T

  3. You are so lucky. I didn't see meteor for many years already. So far only accidentally watched twice.

  4. You did research a lot about this meteor! The stadium? Is it beside the swimming pool?

  5. tell me about it! remember me next year!! I want to see too =)
    -crazy about it

  6. Oh no... i missed it!! D: I didn't know about it ):

  7. This year I got a two moon pic...they said its a mars...on nearest pisition
    with earth..but..about this meteor i didnt know about it...hopefully next year you will tell us earlier ...if im still on the top..huhu...sayanglah momoy...sampai hati tak bagitau awal...:)

  8. Wow I haven't seen one before, lucky ! XD

  9. A lots of shooting stars on monday here in Norway..

  10. wow . , u r so lucky . ,

    I wanna see it with u :D

  11. that's awesome! no wonder I read something about it on Facebook the other night. :)

    should've taken photos! lol

  12. how many wishes you made r? one shooting star one wish mar. :)

  13. wow metoers!!! i never seen before~ every year got once one meh? i thought it's hard to have chance to see...> <

  14. so hard working? till 3 am still havent sleep.

  15. 4am? I sleep can also dream about meteors keke :p

  16. It's really lucky of you. you watch a real shooting star in your 18th. And am now 22, still haven't seen the real shooting star..mygod..lol

  17. aiksss>< miss it>< i wana c one too>< so lucky one you><

  18. "I" never seen meteors! or a shooting star but "I" do make a wish on airplanes :)


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