25 January, 2011

Dave's Deli @ One Utama

Location of the day: Dave's Deli @ 1Utama

Here's the address and contact number:

Dave’s Deli

Lot G213 Promenade
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Eshan

Tel: 03-77269490

Comment: Okay the ambience looks really not bad.

Cream Carbonara with Mushroom @ RM12.50

Comment: Doesn't look tempting and tastes okay only I guess =/

Mashed Potato :)

Fresh Foccacia with Turkey Ham @ RM12.50

It is basically a sandwich, the picture above only shows one out of four parts of it.
Big portion :)

But something about this franchise that drives me mad is:

Their poor service =.="

I reached there around 2pm, and wanted to order a plate of Fish And Chips.

"Not available."

Okay. Then I changed my order to a 1/4 Roast Chicken.

"Finish already la."

Ended up having sandwich for lunch :(((

I couldn't fake a smile to the waitress anyway ;x

And I absolutely need this to cool me down in that restaurant =/

I hope it really works if I ask for refund.


  1. i'm more attracted to those pic.XD

  2. cream cabonara looks good! haha got the smiley sauce on the plate, so cute!

  3. Nice photos,very natural colors,is it taken with the build in flash.

  4. kelihatan sangat sedap tapi belum tentu sedap kan...terutama sekali cream carbonara with mushroom..

  5. ..yummy.. !! dave's deli! here i cOme.. huhuhu.. :) <3

  6. dave's deli still wujud.... sudah lama tak nampak :)

  7. Bolehland's way of service! TAK BOLEH!
    Many chain restaurant have this problem, not only Dave Deli.

  8. Salam kenal..
    tak pernah makan Deli2 ni..tekak tak boleh terima western food..he he

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. hey there, thanks for popping by. Do Come again. BTW nice shots!

  11. Tell them to stop meniaga la if everything is sold out.

  12. The cabonara loooooks so good! Have you tried asking for refund?


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