18 January, 2011

Sweetness in Pink

A big HELLO to everyone who is reading this;

The blogger is currently suffering from the final exam of Trimester 2 for her Foundation year.
However, sometimes she realised,

No matter how busy and stressful you're in each dae,
Just pick a few minutes to do something that will satisfy and delighting you
for the rest of the dae :)

And of course.
FiSh always chooses photography :)

Now meet my favourite blueberry cuppacake

It is easily available in any morning market @ RM2 only.
Just spare RM2 and you can make me happy for the rest of the dae.

Simple, isn't it? :)

I love the cheesiness in it :D

If you can't afford a birthdae cake for me, I won't mind you buying me this with a candle :)

Can you notice the on top of the cake? :)

Time to take a break, have a cupcake :)

....before I continue studying for this major exam.
Although I was already pawned by Computer Applications and Macroeconomics these two days =/

Wish me luck, huns!
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