04 January, 2011

FiSh Doesn't Burp, FiSh Talks!

10 Things You Ought to Know About Me

1. My nickname is FiSh.
It isn’t an impolite thing to call me FiSh, coz’ since high school everyone calls me with this name.

2. My real name is Sze Hui.
I know this name is common everywhere .____. And you can’t remember it, can you?

3. I’m single and carefree :) 
Freedom is an awesome feeling!
4. I love photography.
I bring my compact camera wherever I go. Finally switching EOS 500D to Nikon D5100 brings my dream bigger and further!

5. Besides pink, my fave color is green.
Something unexpected among some girls.

6. I love playing with HTML codes.
The everything you view here is the best proof.

7. I have a quote.
I am used to saying this. Do understand the meaning well.

8. I love Photoshop-ing.
Any picture without photoshop-ed would definitely not be posted here.

9. I love sleeping.
The best thing is: I can sleep at 10.30pm each night!

10. I am 101% having cockroach phobia disease!

Heyya peeps! I shall have some self-introducing, not self-talking. In case if you are first time passing by here and don’t have a clue who am I, this will be a good start.

I’m Fong Sze Hui, and FiSh actually resembles the initials of my name.
FSH add one “i”would be FiSh, something I thought of since 2005.

Meanwhile, ohfishiee is a stupid idea popped out from my mind in the end of 2009, hoping that it is something different that would leave imprints on others.

I started blogging inactively in 2006 because my ex-crush has a blog (It is a stupid thing I did too!) and then moved here from miracles-out-there@bs.com. My old site is much pinker, if you wish to have a look.

I am currently a JPA scholarship recipient who is studying in MMU Cyberjaya. Currently doing Bachelor (Hons) of Accounting.

Do extend your loyal support here, readers and fellow bloggers!
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