10 July, 2011

Of dawn and sea breeze.

Visit of the day: Hard Rock Hotel and Beach @ Penang

The building.

Here's the main entrance, with myriads of colorful lights on top of the ceiling.

Look how the color changes :)

Feel the breeze :D

It indeed feels great when I can escape from the dirty smoky air in the city,
heading to the beach for better air quality and picturesque scenery!

During the early evening of the day.

The waves :)

The beautiful beach when it's almost dawn! :)
Although the sea water is kinda cloudy.

Relax-nyer~ LOL!

Blue blue blue SKY :D

Look what I've spotted?

This looks FUN! But I didn't getta try anyway.

I'd wish to be right up there; Flying in the sky.

Horse trail, anyone?

The End.

Wait. The awesomeness will never ends :)

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