21 August, 2011

King of The Fruits

Speaking of the king of the fruits, my saliva starts dropping :P

It may be a big no-no for some people who can't stand the strong smell of durians. But as for me, it's my favourite although I heard that it's a fattening fruit!

The durian season is coming to an end soon,
so quickly grab your favourite piece and ENJOY! :D

I bet we've all experienced the various innovations from a simple durian fruit--- Smart businessmen extract durian flesh and make into durian cakes, durian dodols, durian ice-creams, and the lists goes on with an abundance of countless DURIAN desserts!

Have you ever tried this?

3 for RM5.

"The one and only in Malaysia"!
It is available in Malacca, along the Jonker Street.
And once I ate one, I couldn't resist myself from eating the second, third one!

or happen-to-visit Malacca tourists,
Do Grab One and You Wouldn't Regret :P

#2 Fresh-made Durian Puffs! :D
Price is clearly listed at the above picture.

I think this is much more common in Malaysia, but I'd still love to try some.
Also available in Malacca (Oh Malacca is such a heaven of FOOD!)

The creamy durian puffs look awesome! :D

Wish to visit Malacca again next year during the durian season
to experience such awesomeness again!
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