25 August, 2011

Eat, Stroll and Eat Again :D

Time flies. It was already 2 months ago when I last had a wonderful trip to Penang with my darling friends, the island with fantastic, tempting food which would definitely keep me failing to go on diet.

#1 First of all, the Penang Assam Laksa is the one I fancy the most.
This picture is taken at a food court, and I instantly fall in love with it!

#2 The fehmes Penang Har Mee. Another noodle of fame in this place.

The buildings give me a special feel :) It resembles reminiscence, by the way.

#3 I miss this especially.
Filled with banana, the warm, crunchy skin is awesome when I put into my mouth.


#4 Penang Poh Piah.
Can you see the news article there?
Even the TV programme “Ho Chiak” hosts have been there before to taste their awesomeness!

Saliva starts to drop yet? =P

#5 "Pai Tee". Another crunchy form of popiah.
This is special, since I can’t find it anywhere around KL and PJ.

#6 Even the most ordinary Chee Cheong Fun in Penang does not look ordinary at all.

#7 If you are familiar enough with the nice place and food in Penang,
You’d definitely pay a visit to this small shop for their famous Durian Ice-Cream.

Other flavours are also available, by the way.

Not to forget, the famous street of food.
Don’t ever look down at street-side food,
because it usually has the best taste of all! :D

#8 The Radish Cake. Tastes good as usual :)

#9 I bet this is the most familiar one to you.

Penang Char Koay Kak,
but honestly I personally don't fancy much of this.
It's just too salty, I think.

Anyway I start missing the food stuff here. They are just more than being awesome; they are far too fabulous than you’d ever imagine. This really makes me get jealous when I am not a Penangite who can always enjoy staying at this heaven of food.

Hope to visit Penang again next time! :D


  1. your page make me hungry. dah la i puasa! :p hehe

  2. If I'm not mistaken #9 is Char Koay Kak, not Kuey Teow

  3. hmmm... looks yummy.... :D

    just hopping around... :D

    Marvz Anime Blog

  4. That banana cake(?) looks very good.. Penang is a state in Malaysia?

  5. Wow,it's all about food! I think I know where to go for my next yearly anniversary celebration ad,hahaha! XD

  6. awwwww~im hungry now>.<

  7. same wif ur fren ther~i will prefer #3, noe which one?? ^^

  8. Some day, I'll find one by one this food in penang and try itt :D

  9. RM1.4O to Penang from where? >.< I bet going to Penang will definitely gain a lot of weight HAHA

  10. omg look damn scrumptious >< especially the crunchy skin with banana? XD

  11. My family and I go Penang Island every year. Yes, their foods are really good :) really like to eat at there a lot but too bad it's getting expensive from time to time...

  12. Nice site you have here:), visitng as well

  13. You can find Pai Tee at The Chicken Rice shop! :D


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