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28 August, 2011

Rendezvous Steak Garden (相见欢) @ Kampung Pandan

It’s celebration time for my all-time best friend’s birthdae :D

Location of the day:
Rendezvous Steak Garden (相见欢)
14, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

It is located near to Kg. Pandan roundabout, and next to Chateau De Caffeinees. As everyone knows that this is also the heavy traffic area. If you happen that you do not want to stuck in the traffic, you can just stop by this place for dinner.

The restaurant is an open-door one, with trees, fountains and light ornaments around the area.

The ambience here is quite nice and cosy. You can choose to sit under a tree, inside a gigantic bird cage, in a swing, etc... A suitable place for casual gathering with friends and family.

With a stage at the main gate of the restaurant.

Lots of nice, affordable Western food is offered in this restaurant! :D

By the way it is full of people at night, especially on weekends.

Menu of the day for some of us:

#1 Start off with this drink @ RM 5.90

#2 Grilled Chicken with Ham and Black Pepper Sauce @ RM 12.80

#3 Cheese Potato @ RM 6.80
It’s under “Kids Menu” by the way :D

#4 Crispy Fish and Chips @ RM 10.80

#5 Quite similar with the above one except the side dishes.

#6 Sizzling Chicken Combo with Tiger Prawn @ RM 18.80
P/S: Not recommended because the prawns are tasteless.

#7 Grilled Lamb Chop @ RM 15.80

#8 Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce @ RM 11.80

#9 Half dozen of Escargot @ RM 5.80

It’s Cake Cutting Time :D

The birthdae cake, New York Cheese from RT Pastry House


Another photo of us snapped at the washroom (As usual! LOL).
I love their mirror soooo much!

Here you see the girls’ power ;D

The present from us:
Pink tote bag from TeeToo;
Laced dress from ROMP;
Chiffon skirt from Ruffrey ID

Lastly our group picha :D
Thank you everyone for coming for this birthdae celebration!
Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves!


  1. wow your girlfriends are very pretty (: nice post babe.

  2. looks very tasty,eh!
    Remember to watch your calories.

  3. nice post and nice imaged..iam very hungry now hahaha :D

  4. wow, seems tat ur day is nice~!^^
    i hav mine too~
    btw, took a picture u of ur rabbit at my place too~
    shared on ur page, n ho, dunno y, i cant add ur fb~

  5. nice place to celebrate it seems.. haha.. anyway, yeah, the food price is cheaper compared to the other western places around! :)

  6. Wow ! The food seems tasty and the atmosphere seems relaxing ~ How i wish i can be there xD

  7. Looks like a wonderful place..I hope it was a great party.Greetings to the girl who had birthday..

  8. I like the traffic light lookalike food sign, so special! The food looks good to me, especially the escargots YUMSSSS So many gifts from you guys for the birthday girl, nice nice (:

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  10. miss fish: hello thanks for dropping by...I dont know about pricing over there. But it looks reasonable...and delicious too.

  11. Bein' a good promoter of ur own blog huh :)*Like!

  12. miss fish: okay..its on you if u do come by the place....hahaha

  13. Hello.I like cake. Appetizing all food. @^ ^@

  14. wah the escargot so cheap!!! :P hehe

  15. and nice birthday celebration! Happy Birthday to your friend :P

  16. walao。。。。很好吃哦。。。

  17. wow the food price is actually quite reasonable (: maybe I'll check out the place some time

  18. Ohwow, the bag looks really pretty ! I bet you friend really liked it :))

  19. looks so pretty. give me a bite.


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