20 November, 2011

Aladdin the Musical- Meeting The Cast & Behind The Scenes


It was a splendid weekend for me to spend some time with the media partners and the London West End producer, choreographer and casts for the "Behind The Scene" session; A big thank you to the invitation from Avante and Sunway for a sneak peek of the 'Aladdin the Musical' that will be held at Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon starting from 25 November 2011 onwards.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Mr. Loke Kah Peng, PR manager of Sunway Lagoon and led us to The STUDIO room. It was pretty cool that this time around, we were granted access to enter the studio room.

Left: Christopher Colby ; Right: David Kort
We then spoke to Chris Colby, the director of the Aladdin The Musical production while David Kort lends his expertise as a choreographer. Both Chris and David were the producers of Peter Pan the Musical and these two talented men have been in this career for more than 20 years! 

Look, there were lots of laughters throughout the session with them.

Here's the dancers; Some brought from UK, while some auditioned in Philippines and Malaysia.

As you can see, the dancers and casts are bursting with great vibe and energy. 
They were enthusiastic, friendly and most importantly really committed to show their best moves and groves plus vocals too. Come and get yourself mesmerized by the London West End talents all the way from UK! It was all ‘fantabulous’!

Here’s the most handsome man on earth after Robert Pattinson--- Meet the Aladdin!

I feel that her hair ornament works miracle on her. 
"I shall grant you three wishes", said the Genie to Aladdin.
Gareth Heesom, the Genie of the musical steals the show! His jokes are hilarious. 
He incorporates some up-to-date current events for his wise cracks.

Here's the part of "The Slave of The Ring".
Her costume is marvellous so I can’t help to stop taking pictures of her. 

And not to forget, I managed to take a picture with her too :D

They have more than 100 pieces of costumes for each stage performance, 
and rarely reuse their clothes for other events.

Here’s the lovey dovey happily-ever-after couple---
Aladdin played by Joshua Tonks and Princess Jasmine played by Nikki Mae. 

Of course I’d love to have a photograph with them too :D

Next, we headed to the Amphitheatre--- the stage where the performance begins!

It’s still under construction but you can already see it’s progressing pretty well. 

They have this tower with ancient lights, matching with the story of Aladdin. 

And this stairway with a huge lion’s mouth.

Now, our Aladdin and Princess are dressed in their costumes. 

Awww, can you imagine how romantic would it be to chill up there? 
After all the goodbyes, we headed for a tea session at Light House Beach Bistro @ Sunway Lagoon.

Do you miss the chicken popcorn from KFC? 
No worries, now they have it here at this bistro.

And chicken wings served during tea time is perfect!

Not to forget, there are some fries and orange juice for all the invited ones :)

Aladdin The Musical wouldn’t be complete without the golden lamps.

Wait.. The best thing always comes last!

Here's a video of them practising their dancing steps for part of the musical!

And... This Is The First 3D Musical in Malaysia! :D
Impressive eh? Not only movies on cinema can be in 3D, 
but live performances like Aladdin the Musical had a breakthrough in this too!
Overall, it's a quality show, great story telling, fun effects, great singing.  
Whether you're familiar with the movie/story or not, they do a great job at retelling the story.

You also stand a chance to win the tickets from Sunway Corp. itself, do find more from its website.

Guess what, they only spent TWO (2) weeks for the preparations, 
yes only two weeks and they already achieve so much! It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? 

It’s a nice experience meeting the casts who live and breathe for arts :)
And I’m impressed with their musical production! Just can’t wait for the Gala Night next Fridae!
For those who are interested in enjoying this musical, do click HERE for more information.

Aladdin The Musical: 25 November 2011 to 2 January 2012.
See you there! 
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