18 November, 2011

Wok Sifu @ JUSCO

Location of the dae:
Wok Sifu
23, Jusco Metro Prima Shopping Centre,
52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

Another outlet would be @ Jusco Kinta City Shopping Centre, Ipoh.
I wonder why they always open it around JUSCO, and also succeeding the closing of Food & Tea Hong Kong Cafe in both outlets.

The menu is very similar to Food And Tea Restaurant,
including assorted styles of food--- Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Japanese and Korean.
In short, it serves non-Halal Asian foodstuff.

Shanghai Style Rice with Roasted Honey Spare Ribs @ RM 10.90
It is stated as "Bestseller" in the menu, but the overall taste is so-so only.

Noodles Soup with Taiwanese Pork Meatballs @ RM 9.90
A "Bestseller" too; And this is great along with its hot and spicy taste.
The downside is, there is only THREE (3) meatballs per bowl -.-"

Left: Jasmine Honeydew Tea ; Right: Honey Peach Green Tea.
Each @ RM 5.20

The jasmine honeydew tea is too bland, whereas the latter one is way too sweet to suit my taste.
Overall: Not recommended as they're both listed as "Bestseller" drinks!

Anyway, after all, it's just a simple lunch, so yeah do bear with it.
P/S: Both JUSCO shopping centre are kinda too small, with limited choices of food.

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