17 December, 2011

Wacoal Celebrates 63 Years of Lingerie Excellence

Approaching the end of the year, Wacoal Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. held a cocktail dinner at Senja Italian Restaurant, The Saujana Golf and Country Resort, inviting the business partners, Wacoal fellow staff and also the media--- including us, bloggers.

The party themed "Come Rain or Come Shine", attended by approximately 100 guests enjoyed a memorable evening filled with a scrumptious spread and entertainment in a stunning setting.

For more than half a century, Wacoal have the highly creative people to carefully tailor
the most intimate apparel for women--- Lingerie.

Yeeing and I
Thanks Yeeing and Kay Silva for the invitation!

The night started off with the ballet performance by the young, talented one.
Awww, look how graceful she danced.

Meet the emcee of the night, Stephanie.

The opening speech was conducted by Mr Hisao Sugiyama, the Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia.

It's summer and fun theme!
Wacoal showcased some of its lingerie collections according to the various themes and inventions in 2011. Jacinth, cerulean or vermillion – the 15 zesty shades featured in the Fantasy collection fully captured the essence of the latest colour frenzy, keeping the ladies sparkling for the months to come and befitting any occasion!

The lingerie is so seductive when worn by the hot model.

Feminine yet playful, delicate swirls of laces intertwine with luxurious fabrics in most of the pieces; others include a T-shirt bra embellished with intriguing shoulder straps. As appealing as they are to the eyes, the ideal fit and exquisite quality that Wacoal is renowned for remain intact.

Here's some lingerie sets with jackets and raincoats.

Lingerie for the winter theme.

Women simply love colorful lingeries to match with different styles and clothes.

Capturing the shifting trend of women’s needs and fashion, Wacoal Malaysia rides on a 63 years of brand history and 8 years track record in the country. Wacoal never fails to produce intimate apparels that meet with the women's requirements on a constant basis.

The party ended with the presentation of appreciation award
to Wacoal Malaysia’s key dealers by Mr Sugiyama.

Before leaving, I managed to have a group picture with the bloggers and Kay.
See you girls again in the future events!


  1. I was in Thailand last week and Wacoal is like 30-40% cheaper with fantastic offers, so I went all out grabbing as much I could.  Btw, its nice to see your pics here and such a wonderful experience it must have been.

  2. loookin interesting! o.O


  3. Didn't get to talk to you that night. Talk to you next time ya hehe...Can I steal 1 picture from you? I took the last group photo. =)

  4. hi charmaine, we got a dinner treat and a goodie bag as door gift from Wacoal :)

  5. hi Nava, wacoal is having sales at thailand? i wish the offers are available in malaysia too! glad to hear that you managed to grab some for yourself.

  6. hi mikhael, which is interesting? lingerie or models? :P

  7. hi sim yee! it's alright, im sure we'll meet again next time :) hope to see you soon, and of course you can take the group picture there

  8. Wow, looks like a great event! Got goodie bag somemore~

  9. Interesting event. Look fun too. I bet the guys are having fun as much, if not more as you gals there. xD

  10. hi Lina, the guys there are mostly the gentleman from the corporate world, i bet they enjoy the fashion show very much!

  11. So near my house! I wanted to go for this but it clashes with Napbas.. haih.. 

  12. Hi merryn, there's always another time, and I bet you had fun at napbas (:

  13. Hi nikel, stunned by seeing so many girls eh?

  14. Hi smallkucing, yeah I love wacoal too, it's indeed a good one there..

  15. Need photographer? I can shoot :-)

  16. aiya... show you my portfolio lah. here...

    eh... wanna make some side income :P

  17. hi khengsiong, thanks for your interest in covering event photographs, i hope there are people reading this and interested in your photography service :)

  18. lol no comment :P u looks good and basically everyone looks good! :P

  19. In fact my place has a warcoal factory. It will have warehouse sale annually. I just got some last weekend, though it was 1 season late, I don't mind, as long as it is warcoal bras.

  20. Wow, what an eye-goggling event! I'm sure the men were "salivating". Hahaha! Nice shots :)

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  22. nose bleed liao...hahaha the sunflower underwear...can't stop laughing now... XD haha

  23. hi kianfai, you should say the models look especially GOOD! 

  24. Hi Sheohyan, it's okay to have it 1 season late because the comfy-ness never ends no matter how many seasons after that :) 

  25. hi Shirley! yea i bet the guys are attracted with the fashion show the most. just can't take the eyes off the models! 

  26. hi Eric, *pass you tissue* hahas not only that, some underwears have fur and diamante :P super chio! 

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  28. wooo. so many sexy girls :D

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