15 January, 2012

BlackBall @ Sri Petaling

 If you've passed by the busy food street along SS15, you'd notice there are more and more Taiwanese dessert outlets opening around this area. Now BlackBall appears as one of the famous dessert houses among the Taiwanese desserts.

This time around I visited its outlet at Sri Petaling. With its grand opening in last August, I haven't get any chance to pay a visit to this place. Since it's a bright sunny day, I decided to quench my thirst here, indulging in refreshing grass jelly and chewy Taro balls.

At all BlackBall outlets, the Grass Jelly is imported from Guan Xi, producing top notch quality 'Xian Cao' tea and grass jelly, giving you the heavenly taste you will never find in other dessert chains. As for the homemade Taro Balls, they use only handmade taro balls with natural ingredients, promising you the most chewy taro balls you have ever tasted.

 #1 BlackBall Signature (Cold) @ RM 6.50

This is a must-try during your first time dining at BlackBall. The BlackBall Signature combines grass jelly ice, taro balls, taro Q, red beans, pearls and the signature grass jelly into a bowl of sensational dessert!

#2 BlackBall Signature (Hot) @ RM 6.50

If you're into hot desserts during cold days, this is one of the best options among all.

#3 Red Bean Ice Combo @ RM 6.50 

Based with red bean ice, this bowl of dessert is topped with Taro Balls, Pearls, Barleys and Lotus Seeds (红豆冰沙--- 芋圆,珍珠,薏米,莲子). The Taro Balls are exceptionally huge as compared to its close competitors'. Along with the chewy yummy taste, you'd definitely love it!

#4 Cranberry Crushed Ice with Milk (蔓越梅牛奶茶) @ RM 6.50

Surprisingly this ice shaving of cranberry flavour is as sour as its beverage. With the translucent Nata De Coco, red beans and pearls, I really enjoyed despite of its simple presentation.

#5 Jiu Fen Taro Ball Crushed Ice (九份芋圆刨冰) @ RM 6.50

Another signature dessert from BlackBalls. Consisting of similar ingredients, 
the ice shaves are added with extra creamer for a better sweetened taste. 

#6 Red Bean Crushed Ice with Milk (红豆牛奶冰) @ RM 6.50

If you love natural taste of sweetness, red beans would be the perfect choice 
with its added texture onto the bowl of dessert.

Left: Xian Cao Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly (寒天仙奶茶) @ RM 5.90 
Middle: 3Q Passion Fruit Green Tea (百香3Q 冬瓜) @ RM 5.90 
Right: Cranberry Lemon Juice (蔓越梅柠檬) @ RM 4.90 

Recently, BlackBell has just launched these two NEW products! Transforming the bestselling winter melon tea into smooth ice, topped with signature grass jelly, taro balls and other good stuff, BlackBall also enhanced their grass jelly milk tea for a whole new experience.

#10 BlackBall Winter Melon Ice (寒天冬瓜冰) @ RM 6.90 

Here comes their latest product. With the winter melon flavoured ice as the base for this dessert, its mild taste is able to add cooling effect for curbing the summer heat.

Winter Melon Tea with Jade Jelly (冬瓜柠檬寒天冻茶) @ RM 5.90

Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly (鲜奶仙草冻饮) @ RM5.90

Using the signature silky smooth grass jelly accompanied with premium fresh milk, this beverage gives me  a fun twist by adding the authentic 'xian cao' fragrance and a tinge of sweetness into the blend taste of fresh milk. Definitely a healthy and low calories drink which I'd love very much!

Signature Boba Milk Tea (波霸奶茶) @ RM 5.90

A mixture of freshly brewed tea and milk imported from Taiwan. The tea leaves compliment the milk by infusing a hint of sweetness and fragrance.

Signature Xian Cao Tea with Grass Jelly (黑丸仙草冻饮) @ RM 5.90

Don't say I didn't remind you on this; BlackBalls products should be consumed within 2 hours for your best enjoyment!

1. The crew change all the tea and pearls every 4 hours to remain the freshness; Impressive!
2. Ice shaves are freezed for 3 days to produce icy texture; No wonder it is not watery at all!
3. The Taro Balls are large in size, with more gummy-bear-like chewy texture; I love it.

79-G, Jalan Radin Bagus, 
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur. 

More outlets @ SS15, Damansara Uptown, Penang and Johor Bahru.
Website: www.blackball.com.my/
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