12 January, 2012

Xin Cuisine @ Concorde Hotel

As swift as the clock ticks, we have only more than a week before approaching Chinese New Year. So how is the progress for your plan of "Lou Sang" gathering with friends and family? 

Now Xin Cuisine @ Concorde Shah Alam offers a magnificient Golden Dragon Prosperity Feast. Here you can enjoy the mouth watering Yee Sang, from the ever-popular Scallop Yee Sang, Pear and Salmon Yee Sang, Pacific Clam Yee Sang to the extravagant Abalone Yee Sang. To stand out from the rest, the Fish Maw Yee Sang or the resilient Disney Yee Sang would be your perfect choice.

Stepping into Xin Cuisine, I was entranced by the oriental yet contemporary interior design. Simple it does look, it is a good place to relax and enjoy the meal. This restaurant serves nouvelle Cantonese cuisine and Hong Kong dim sum.

If you need an exquisite dining experience for private events, then there are 7 Xin Private Rooms to fulfill your needs. Each room is spacious, with cozy dim lights and comfortable sofas.

To celebrate early Chinese New Year,
here comes the Menu of "Longevity" @ RM688++ (10 pax):

#1 Salmon Yee Sang
Priced individually @ RM68++

Salmon fishes are served everywhere when it comes to Chinese New Year feast, but of course I still enjoy its juiciness here. Along with the varying shades of tartness from pickles, lime juice, and fragrant lime leaves, you can taste the sweetness from this thick plum sauce. For a milder taste of sweetness, I'd opt to pour 3/4 cup of sauce into this textural marvel.

#2 Braised Sea Cucumber, Fresh Scallops and Crab Meat Soup

Even without shark fins, this bowl of braised seafood soup would taste good enough 
with the fresh ingredients and non-greasy soup base. 

From here you can see the large chunks of scallops, sea cucumbers, crab meat and prawns.
You wouldn't miss any of them in every spoon of the soup.

#3 Crispy Roasted Chicken with Nam Yu Sauce

Some may agree that the chicken drumstick is the best part of the dish because of the fluffy yummy meat. But I'd say the crispy skin of this roasted chicken is the best! It remains hot and crispy even when dipped in Nam Yu Sauce. The sauce, which is also known as Chinese Cheese made of fermented red beancurd works perfect with the chicken if it could be thicker. 

#4 Steamed White Patin Thai Style

If you'd love to go adventurous, this sour and spicy sauce would be awesome.
But it veils the original sweetness of the fish itself.

#5 Braised Dried Oyster with San Gan, Black Mushrooms and Broccoli

This vegetarian dish always reminds me of my Mum's cooking, but she added black moss (Fatt Choy) in her cooking to resemble "prosperity". The braised mushrooms may look simple but it's my favourite too!

Succulent dried oysters enriches the taste of this dish along with the aromatic oyster sauce.

#6 Deep-fried Prawns served with Sweet Corn and Anchovies

The prawns are fresh with the skin easily peeled off. Its combination with sweet corn and anchovies addes the taste of sweetness into this salty dish. 

#7 Special Fried Rice with Vegetables

A non-oily plate of fried rice which I love, and it's neither too dry nor soggy. You may see this fried rice as a common dish but the asparagus and chopped broccoli stalks are used instead of green beans, revealing a different taste for all. 

#8 Desserts

The sweet delicacy with dried goji berry is served cold, whereas the  hot deep-fried spring roll is filled with Nian Gao. From the picture above, you can clearly see which would taste better :P 

#9 Warm Soya Bean with Glutinous Dumpling

The glutinous rice balls are filled with sesame paste, which oozes from the skin after the first bite.
And I didn't know that warm soya can actually taste better than the brown sugar soup base.

#10 Varieties of Dim Sum

Ala carte dim sum is only available during lunch. From my visit there, these Hong Kong delicacies are all Halal, and the fluffy Char Siew Bao tastes good even without pork in it.

Thanks to 汤师父 (Chef Thong Pun Foo) for the quality cuisine.

Apart from Longevity, Xin also offers "Auspicious" and "Prosperity" set meals:

Priced at RM588++, the ‘Auspicious’ set features a prosperity Salmon Yee Sang, Braised Wolfberry Fish Maw Soup, Crispy Roasted Chicken, Steamed Dory Fish with Fresh Enogi Mushrooms and Black Mushrooms, Braised Dried Oyster with Black Mushrooms & Broccoli, Wok-fried Crispy Prawn with Black Pepper & Garlic, Prawn Fried Rice, Two varieties of Dim Sum and dessert..

Get blessed with ‘Longevity’ and enjoy delectable favourites such as Salmon Yee Sang, Braised Sea Cucumber, Fresh Scallops and Crab Meat Soup, Crispy Roasted Chicken with Nam Yu Sauce, Steamed Patin Thai Style, Braised Dried Oyster with San Gan, Black Mushrooms & Broccoli, Deep-fried Prawn served with Sweet Corn & Anchovies, Special Fried Rice with Vegetables, Two varieties of Dim Sum and dessert @ only RM 988++!

This set menu for 10 pax would be a good choice if you love to stay out of the city during this prosperous new year!

1. Out of 10 dishes, I love 7 of them.
2. The service of the restaurant is exceptionally good.
3. They allow take-away if you can't finish the foodstuff, with the remaining food well-packed in separate microwave-safe containers.

Xin Cuisine
Level 2, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam
3 Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah C9/C,
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Contact: 603-5512 2200
Website: Concorde Shah Alam

Daily Business Hours:
Lunch: 12noon – 2.30pm (Opens at 10.00am on Saturdays)
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
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