16 January, 2012

Checkers Cafe @ Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur

This round of Lou Sang is not around some traditional Chinese restaurants, but it takes place at Checkers Cafe @ Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur. Although this restaurant does not offer only Chinese foodstuff, but being a Halal restaurant, it has come up with a series of feasting options for the occasion. Herald in 2012, the Year of the Dragon, with special Lunar New Year menus at Dorsett Regency KL!

The table arrangement is exceptionally good with gold ingots, shining dragons and mandarin oranges.

The fabulous spread of New Year specialities are well-arranged on the buffet table; There you can find Yee Sang, Seafood on Ice, a-ala-minute dishes, homemade soup, breads and irresistible selection of desserts!

To usher in the mightiest Year of Dragon, what would serve the best other than this plate of 
Colorful Dragon Yee Sang?

Well, that's for display only; The traditional Yee Sang is offered as below:

#1 Salmon Yee Sang

Toss to prosperity and good health the whole year with the exclusive Salmon Yee Sang With Crispy Salmon Skin! Being air flown all the way from Norwegian, its taste of freshness lies within the juicy thick salmon slices.

Don't you think Chinese New Year food is all about auspicious overtones?
Yee Sang is a symbol of prosperity, abundance and vigor for the year ahead.

The golden brown salmon skin becomes the most significant material of the plate.

Spot the slice of crispy salmon skin on my plate of Yee Sang.

This Yee Sang is special alongside with the thin slices of deep-fried salmon skin which adds crisp texture to this colorful combination of jellyfish, shredded vegetables, prawn crackers with plum sauce.

#2 Pan-Fried Lamb Rack with Chef Special Sauce

It's something special for Chinese New Year because many wouldn't choose lamb as one of the main courses. The tender rack of lamb is marinated for more than 24 hours before being pan-fried. Upon serving, the aromatic lamb rack tastes as if it is a piece of barbecued pork (Char Siew). Thick and juicy, I can barely notice the oil and fatty layer on the meat. 

#3 Braised Shark’s Fin with Assorted Seafood

The texture of shark fin soup is not as slippery and glutinous as I've expected, 
but in fact it satisfies me with its rich taste in this concentrated essence.

#4 Steamed Chicken with Herbs

The flavour of Chinese herbal sauce along with the sweetness of red dates has successfully infused into the firm chicken meat. And you can expect every portion of the chicken cutlets to taste equally good. 

#5 Deep-Fried Cod Fish with Superior Soy Sauce

Indeed a treasure from the deep sea, this Canada cod fish is definitely high in nutritional values. Topped with deep-fried shredded ginger, the slices of cod fish lure me with its crispy skin. 

Then I realise the white flesh is so soft and juicy, accompanied by subtle sweetness. 
All thanks to the fresh ingredients which perfect this dish!

#6 Deep-Fried Prawns with Seafood Sauce

Served in a basket made of deep-fried prawn crackers, the prawns are deep-fried with slices of onions and capsicums. If you love a mixed concoction of sweetness and spiciness, the seafood sauce would suit you the best. 

#7 Braised Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Dried Oyster and Black Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetable

Another dish with top notch quality ingredients has kept me salivating with the aromatic thick oyster sauce. The sea cucumber and fish maw are slippery, playing the same role as texture ingredients in this dish.

#8 Chinese Fried Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaves

After being delicately fried with all the associated ingredients such as diced mushrooms and conpoy, the glutinous rice now has a firm texture. With the nuances of fragrant lotus leaf enveloping the dish, I am indulged in this traditional Chinese cuisine.

#9 Deep-Fried Nian Gao and Golden Sesame Seeds Balls

The 10-course meal is perfected with the sweet Chinese delicacies. For those with a sweet tooth, it’s a must to sample the Golden Sesame Seeds Balls with red bean paste. Same goes to the Deep-Fried Nian Gao, it has red bean filling as well. 

#10 Sweetened Red Bean Paste

It seems like Checkers has chosen red bean as the main ingredient for these traditional desserts. 

Thanks to Executive Chef KK Yau and his team of talented chefs for the array of auspicious Chinese delicacies. With Jack from CQtv interviewing this professional chef, I learn that all the dishes are exclusively served during this festive season.

Enjoying the company of good friends and fostering closer camaraderie with family and relatives, 
now Chinese New Year is no longer just a simple festival for all.

Brought to you by Dorsett Regency KL:

*50% discount for children between the ages of 4 to 12, and senior citizens of 55-years-old and above.

38% Discount for my blog readers (Mention ohfishiee.blogspot.com upon reservation)! 

May 2012 Water Dragon bestows you with 
the Chinese Five Blessings of harmony, virtue, riches, fulfillment and longevity!

1. The hassle of picking the best menu no longer exists with the staggering array of foodstuff on the buffet table.
2. Despite of being deep-fried, the flaky cod fish retains its natural flavours and freshness.
3. The flavours of herbs in the chicken is good, but the chicken appears to be not as fresh as I'd thought when I see the congealed blood around the joints and bones.

Checkers Cafe
First Floor, Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur
172, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 603-2716 1000 ext 188
Website:  www.dorsettregency.com

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