10 January, 2012

Malaysia Top Car Websites

Have you ever browse on cars whenever you surf the Internet? Or when strolling at a shopping mall, will you stop by at some car exhibition, staring at the shiny, stylish car models? Or do you ever dream of owning one and call them as your "Wife"?

As a typical Malaysian, I know you will have at least one "Yes" for the 3 questions above. 
The fact is, luxurious cars, who doesn't love them?

Recently there is an event happening @ IOI Boulevard, right beside Tu Shu Guan, exhibiting two whole rows of luxurious sport cars, including this one above. People just can't stop posing with these cars, which they call them their "Dream Car", and guess what, most of them are males! And the crowd gathered around these vehicles are mostly young guys.

Well, let's come practical in this matter. A Lamborghini can't be fully utilized around Malaysia with its road structure being not suitable for sports car. Let's see, can you imagine a powerful sports car being stucked at a massive jam, moving like a snail? So now I have some recommendations of car websites for you, if you're really interested in buying a practical car for your daily use. 

#1 Carlist 

Carlist.my is a FREE online car classifieds. This website helps used car sellers to reach potential buyers by having their car classifieds listed on Carlist.my. Specializing in the trade of cars, this website functions more or less like Mudah.my. 

Convenience is what we talk about everyday. Through this website, you will be able to search from their vast inventory of used car listings and find the right car easily with their unique car search feature. I hope the user-friendly layout helps you too!

Autoworld.com.my or more popularly known as AW is managed and operated by Autoworld.com.my Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Jobstreet Corporation Berhad. The website was officially launched on the 9th of November 1999, meaning that it has more than 10 years of solid foundation in both brand-new and second-hand car trading.

Currently, Autoworld has some main sections namely New Cars, Used Cars, Sell Cars, News, Blogs, Forum, Insurance and Tools. While planning to include more features and functionalities to make the website more comprehensive, this website helps users to find all auto-related research and information and products and services without leaving the website.

A car encyclopedia it may be? Just check it out and you'll know!

#3 Carsifu

Carsifu is no longer a new website for me, as I have blogged about it two years back (Click for the full post). It is now a leading Car Classifieds website, with over 3,000 cars for sale posted online all across Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, and Johor. Among these 3 websites, Carsifu is the one with least selections of cars but it still appears to be one of the best hit among the online users.

So what are you waiting for? 
Start doing your researches on cars todae and get the ideal one tomorrow!

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