16 June, 2012

CRES New Facial Treatment Aquacell

Despite of my busy schedule, I manage to squeeze in a facial appointment of 2 hours because my skin condition is urging me that it needs treatment badly! It has been quite dry lately, because I only get to sleep 5 hours a day, glued with stressful lifestyle.

Cellnique is an American brand, featuring many kinds of beauty therapy products to pamper your skin. They also offer spa treatment as well as slimming packages!

Each guest is placed in a private room, fully equipped with a comfortable bed, mirror, basin, and necessary machinery. The room is actually very dim, so that you can relax while doing the facial. I guess I even fall asleep midway because it is just too comfortable!

The package I opted for is, "CRES New facial Treatment Aquacell: Time-Release Aquacell Yoga Visage". Its purpose is to remove dead cells, enhance the glow in the face and moisture of the skin. It is newly introduced since May 2012.

This standing machine is more than half of my height. 

And it is named the "Water Oxygen System"

The suction tube is used to 'pump' oxygen into my skin, so that it can 'breathe' and unclog my blocked pores. 

Main Ingredient to Provide Moisture: Biodynes
  • Increase cellular activities
  • Promote procollagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis
  • Increase oxygen intake
  • Increase cellular respiration
According to the beautician, this treatment is targeted to ladies of age 25 and above, very effective for those who are losing moisture in the skin. As for me, she mentioned that I have teenager skin, so the immediate effect may not be that visible.

However, here's my comparison for before and after the treatment: 

CRES will celebrate CRES 9th anniversary at 27 and 28 July 2012, 
do check out their Facebook Page for the latest promotion! 

CRES- Total Woman’s Treatment Spa 
Lot FF-225, 4th Floor, 
The Gardens, Mid Valley City, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-2287 6369
Website: www.creswellness.com
Facebook: fb.com/cellnique
Business Hour: 10am – 8pm daily
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