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15 June, 2012

Guerlain Paris Make-Up with Maxime Poulin

Summer is all about bright colors. Not only the clothes we wear should be vibrant, but our make-up should match with the season too! And today I'm featuring an International Make-up Artist from Paris, Maxime Poulin to teach on how to apply the very trendy make-up that glows in the warm sunlight!

Have you heard of the famous cosmetic brand, Guerlain? Pronounced as "Gey-Lan", it was a perfume business founded since 1828, slowly revolving into the make-up line. For 200 years of excellence, now I get the chance to experience how gorgeous the make-up is.

Here's the set of upbeat and peppy colors. Guerlain and Emilio Pucci collaborates in creating this unprecedented Terra Azzurra Collection, the latest summer series of glam and color! 

A closer view of the latest summer collection, exclusively recoloured along with a blue flower interlaced with swirls and flames. I love such joyful and elegant Pucci touch to these products!

#1 Essentials of Terra Azzurra Summer Collection

It comprises of perfecting powder, bronzing powder and blush, nail polish and gloss, eye palette, mascara and eyeliner. However, the Terracotta Nail Polish in not available in Malaysia.

#2 Flawless Complexion of Maxime Poulin in All Angles

Maxime’s passion for make-up started in New York assisting make-up artists when he himself was a model.  To date, he even animated his own Makeover TV Show which was a runaway hit in Quebec. As a recognition of this talent, Maxime was awarded in 2010 Canadian Make-Up Artist of The Year.

#3 Maxime and Model of the day

Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain's Creative Director, well renowned for working with celebrities, actresses and crowned heads has trained and worked with Maxime for years. And today I'm proud to be able to enjoy how Maxime showcases the right make-up application using the latest summer collection, Terra Azzurra.

#4 Meteorites Perles D' Azur @ RM189

STEP 1: As a make-up base, we apply this ingenious powder for a flawless complexion. Magically, Maxime uses this to even out and correct every skin tone. Immediately it creates a summer glow on my skin, thanks to the multi-colored little pearls, and a corrective blue pearl. 

Don't look down on these mightly pearls! One box can last for more than half a year, because the powder is so compact in its shape.

#5 Terra Azzura Bronzing Powder and Blush @ RM294

STEP 2: Then we use the bronzing shade all over the face for a natural effect, and blend the 3 blusher shades and sweep along the top of the cheekbones to sculpt the face for a bronzed complexion. 

#6 Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow @ RM193

STEP 3: The eye palatte comes in delectably warm tones. From the softest to the hottest, you can play with colors against golden skin. I'm in love with its sophicated metallic brown case too! 

#7 Khol Kajal @ RM121

STEP 4: Apply the eyeliner along the inside of the lower eyelid, or use it in a thick line along the upper lashes for brighter, wider eyes! Returning for summer in an indigo blue, how seductive it is!

#8 Mascara le 2 De Guerlain by Emilio Pucci @ RM124

STEP 5: Use this elegant blue mascara on the lashes for bold length and curl and incredible definition. t comes in a new packaging with a chocolate lacquer finish. Most interestingly, this mascara has a wide-angle mirror on its own! Now that I can apply mascara anytime, anywhere I like.

#9 Terracotta Gloss @ RM95 each

STEP 6: Lastly, add shines onto your lips with these radiant glosses with a fresh gourmand syrup texture. It comes in 3 shades, suitable to do tones on the lips. 

Left: Porto Ercole: a sensual brown to pair with a spice-toned complexion
Middle: Porto Azzurro: an unruly indigo blue, as transparent on the lips as it is vibrant in the bottle
Right: Porto Fino: an incredibly shiny coral pink to set off a sun-kissed glow to perfection

#10 Brown, pink and purplish shades

Surprisingly, the indigo blue colored gloss appears so soft and light in purple shade! (last strike from the left). 

#11 Here's the final make-up for the model. 
Very bright and blended in the warm lighting.

#12 Rouge G De Guerlain - Exceptional Complete Lip Colour

As a token of appreciation, Guerlain presented me this gorgeous lipstick! The shade is simply gorgeous with light glittery finish on the lips. Have you used a lipstick without having to pull out the color and spin the stick? I have mine now! :)

Guerlain is available at:
  • Parkson KLCC
  • Parkson Pavilion
  • Sogo 
  • Isetan Gardens Mid Valley
  • Isetan KLCC

I hope this blog entry helps you to understand more about current make-up trend. 
Check out your favourite Guerlain product now! 


  1. The pearls are interesting! Hmmmm tempted to buy one....

  2. The lipstick looks really gorgeous! And i like the pearls and blue khol eyeliner. :D

  3. Err... she still doesn't look attractive after the make-up =X Review on Comida Restaurant Publika Solaris Dutamas

  4. Very pretty makeup! I like those pearls! The model looks lovely.

  5. I like that nice soft pink that the first model is wearing.

  6. Interesting that they had a guy to do the promo... LOL!!!

  7. I like the compact powder and blush...seems hard to get 2n1...Nice color...

  8. Pretty make up, I would love to have their lipstick too;p

  9. mascara with mirror, so convenient!

  10. Really innovative design concepts for the Mascara and lipstick! <3

  11. Congrats! U've joined me as a Beauty Blogger! I've been using Guerlain for ages, even before I joined the airlines. They're known they their little shimmering beads powder & I'm still having that now. Great work!

  12. oh geee this is one of my weakness... they are so adorable :)

  13. Real good product. heard of it but never used before

  14. I don't paint my face with too much of make-up but I do some basic like foundation, sunblock, pressed powder and lipstick plus mascara. Very tempting brand with so many types of products. I hope I can control myself when out there and looking at the range of Guerlian.

  15. You look so pretty! Very pretty colors!

  16. Thanks to you now I know how it's correctly pronounced? Shy shy. I've always wanted to try their meteorites!

  17. I love the blue eyeliner!!! The indigo blue looks amazing!!!


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