12 June, 2012

Tong Pak Fu (糖百府) @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

Coming across the Tong Pak Fu open outlet at Paradigm Mall, one of my friends said "No, I prefer Taiwanese desserts with grass jelly and taro balls." 

But when we check out their menu, it surprises me with a wide array of delightful selection of hot and cold, traditional and contemporary Hong Kong desserts including his favourite Taiwanese Grass Jelly. 

This is the first Tong Pak Fu with open concept, others are tucked neatly in a restaurant lot. Using loads of recycled woods, the vibrantly painted furniture simply catches my attention.

#1 Black Sesame Cream (芝麻糊) @ RM5.80

Without delay, we manage to grab the last few seats available and I'm the first to order my favourite black sesame cream. It is very thick, almost glue-like. Fine and smooth, its sweetness is not cloying at all.

#2 Black Glutinous Rice Cream with Coconut Milk

More often than that, I have powdery paste, but this is a smooth, black glutinous rice cream with chunkiness along with the aromatic coconut milk. So rich in natural flavours with no sweetener at all. Thumbs up!

#3 Tracka Durian Snow Ice (留恋飘香--竹脚) @ RM11.80 (Regular) / RM14.80 (Large)

I am surprised to know that the white snow is made of Tracka durian pulp! So finely shaved, the rich flavour of durian leaves a lingering mild sweetness in my mouth. If you're a durian lover, try the richer D24 Durian Snow Ice.

 #4 Mango Snow Ice (芒果秋香) @ RM8.80 (Regular) / RM11.80 (Large)

Tong Pak Fu has the "King of Mango" series. A bowlful of golden yellow mango juice promises a taste of  refreshing summer. Floating on it are jellies and crystal pearls and I'm delighted with the rich layers of flavours!

 #5 Guava Snow Ice (石榴秋香) @ RM8.80 (Regular) / RM11.80 (Large)

Another cold sensation to go for. When the crystal pearls burst with its juices, I'm totally smitten with the sweet aroma!

 #6 Chilled Mango Sago Crème with Pomelo (杨枝甘露) @ RM8.80 per bowl 

Topped with abundance of sago pearls, pomelo pulp and crystal pearls, the texture is simply excellent! Then I try one spoon, and am entranced with the fresh mango cubes hidden in this creamy dessert.  It's so chilling with a mellow scent.

#7 Also comes in cup @ same price

#8 Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (心太软配云呢拿雪糕) @ RM12.80

Next, we're blessed with a 5-star Western dessert. The chefs learned the art of pastry in Hong Kong, and now back with this dainty creation.

The outer layer of Swiss chocolate cake is oven-baked into crusty perfection, and the best moment arrives when the warm, smooth chocolate lava oozes in my mouth! 

#9 Crème Brulee (焦糖炖蛋) @ RM7.80

Comparable to those produced at 5-star hotels, it has special vanilla seeds to give a more distinctive flavours in the egg pudding. So smooth and chilled egg custard it has, delicious!

#10 Double-boiled Snow Pear with Snow Fungus (银耳香杏炖鸭梨) @ RM8.80

The traditional Chinese dessert is so warm and mild in sugar level. So light broth yet stuffed with health goodness, I certainly love this for its nourishing values!

 #11 Strawberry Napoleon with Vanilla Ice-Cream (士多啤梨拿破仑配云呢拿雪糕) @ RM10.80

Each thin, crispy waffle is layered with lightly sweet cream. A bite of this delight with a spoonful of ice cream is simply heavenly!

#12 Glutinous Rice Balls with Black Sesame & Peanut Toppings (汤圆) @ RM4.80

The selection is almost endless here! The traditional Chinese glutinous rice balls is tasteless in nature but when drizzled with bits of crusted peanuts, it becomes sweet with maximum chewiness! 

The best way of eating Tang Yuan that I've ever experienced!

 #13 Curry Fish Balls (咖喱鱼蛋) @ RM6.80

If you find the desserts too light and want something more filling, then the savoury menu caters for your needs! The fish balls are of ping pong ball size, each very bouncy and well-infused with rich curry aroma! 

 #14 Braised Sweet Soy Chicken Wings (卤水雞翼) @ RM7.80

1. Everything is just so light and not as sweet as typical desserts. These are way too healthy!
2. In overall, the desserts at Tong Pak Fu easily beats many Hong Kong and Taiwanese desserts.
3. Recommended: Mango and Durian series of desserts.

Tong Pak Fu 
Lot UGK01, Upper Ground Floor,
Paradigm Mall,
1, Jalan SS7/26A,
Kelana Jaya, 
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7886 0556


I am giving out 5 sets of Tong Pak Fu's voucher, 
applicable in all Tong Pak Fu outlets within Malaysia. 

Each winner is entitled for one FREE Snow Ice and one FREE Hot Dessert. 

Mechanism of the Tong Pak Fu Vouchers Giveaway
1) Be my blog, oh{FISH}iee follower via google friend connect which is located at the right side bar of my blog (just click "Join This Site"!) to qualify to join this giveaway.

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5) I will select 5 most interesting comment and each of them will win one set of voucher.
6) Contest will end at 16 June 2012 , 18:00 sharp (i.e 6pm)
7) Contest is opened to followers living in Malaysia only. (P/S: International readers, I'll have other giveaway for you to participate soon!)
8) Winners will be contacted via emails after annoucement is made. Failure to reply my email in the stipulated time will cause the prize to be given to the next person in line.



  1. wow, i didn't know that tong pak fu served chocolate lava cake and the napoleon dessert! they look very well done :D

  2. OMG all of your desserts look so delicious!!! I want to fly back to HK right now! I really like your blog, I am your newest follower, do the same if you like mine too! Keep in touch <3


  3. Hi, I sure that mango snow ice...loos really fantastic....
    And the others too.
    Wow, I love this place!
    You have fun.

  4. Ummm...not really into these things but I don't mind trying the Swiss chocolate cake or the strawberry Napoleon...

  5. were they with family during the school holidays, TongPakFu seems also now opening in few other Malls in KL and PJ ! not bad ! but the Mall is quite unique in its design ! I think the night photography of the architecture will be great !

  6. eyeing to their DURIAN dessert!

  7. If I would to be able to choose only 1 cold dessert..which would you recommend? Is mango better than durian? Or vise versa? =)

  8. Wow! You took really nice photos in this post! *drool* good job!

  9. I love this shop!! They used to have a mix of sesame and peanut paste!! Love it to the max! and the mango pomelo is now my favourite!!

  10. I tried once in KL, and it doesn't really impress me.
    But you are making it as if it is good! So would like to give for another try! =D

  11. Yummy food I must try so far no try this tong pal fu, so irresistible

    Follower Sherrygo

    Sherrygo at hotmail dot com

  12. I've never been here but my friend David and I are determined to make a pit stop here for one thing and one thing only.. the durian snow ice!

  13. GFC: LauraLeia
    Email: Laura1990my [at] hotmail [dot] com

    I want to win the voucher because I am sooooo tempted to try the choc lava cake, Crème Brulee, Strawberry Napoleon and curry fish balls, haha!! Normally I don't really fancy desserts, but looking at your pics makes me want to try ALL of them at Tong Pak Fu! >__<

  14. Alex Lim Hong Yuen

    It is really irresistible,extralicious, and I wish for it to cool down my world in this extra hot weather
    one voucher would definitely make my world cold a day =D

  15. With this free vouchers,I can try their Tracka Durian Snow ice and Black sesame cream!

    They look BEST!Please give me this chance!You did a great dessert review and THEY MAKE ME DROOLING!

  16. I bet the durian's awesome. Always wanted to try just because of their franchise name haha. Review on New Zealand Natural's Pecan Praline Crunch desserts

  17. wow....what a delicious array of food !!!!guava snow ice is my favorite!!!!!1

  18. oh im sad... i am not in malaysia :P

  19. I always order the Black Sesame Cream when i'm there. I love their curry fish ball too!

  20. Wahhh.. i think the price is quite cheapkan? Mango snowice? Adussss!!! ;P
    My latest Entry :)
    JJCM: Le Chateau De Puah

  21. i want this voucher because it not only can sweeeten my mouth, it also able to sweeten my heart and mood, even my life. So, Tong Pak Fu is the best in the world!

    thank you :)

  22. I want those vouchers so that I can "sweeten" up my hubby and sons so that they all listen to me everyday! hehehe :p

    lifemuses (Karen)

  23. Tang Sook Kuan

    I want to get this voucher so that I can have my favourite fruit dessert, MANGO!!! No Mango, no life! It would be awesome to share these heart-melting desserts with my beloved friends during a catch up session...Sharing is caring! As hectic lifestyle doesn't allow me to meet them often, this would be a great compensation to treat my dearies! :)

  24. I tried before in KLCC outlet and it indeed taste good. Now I am tempting with Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

    Follower Id: Diana Diane Teo
    Email: dianateodt@gmail.com
    Answer: I wanna those vouchers because
    T- Tasty & tempting
    O- Oriented desserts
    N- Natural flavours
    G- Good for all
    P- Perfectly delicious
    A- Anytime can eat
    K- Kool down the heat
    F- Fabulicious
    U- Unable to resist

  25. Ahhhhh!!! Durian ice!!!! Must be very good...=D

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Vivian Cheong
    Follower id: Yan hui cheong

    It's durian season! Past by ss2 roadside n see many ppl craving for durians for RM10 , eat as many as u can. Eating durian under hot weather is not the best compared to TONG PAK FU , same price which offer durian Snow ice makes me glurp! I would wana taste it in cold n indoor ambience! As i am a food lovers , I would love to taste it.. As a MALAYSIAN, durian is the best food xD

  28. Sze Huiiii~~~~~~~~~
    Your picture make me felt sooo $%@#^*%@ DROOLING :D
    Ohhh.. i want the voucher xD

    1. Koh Ee Vonne
      Follower id: Jackievonne

  29. Kelly Siew kellt_chin61@yahoo.com.au

    My Gosh your post has totally opened my eyes to the Wide variety of desserts I could have. It's an achievement as I normally don't even pay attention to desserts but now I really really want to try the Mango snow ice and the 芝麻糊! Excellent post!

    1. Sorry the email should be kellysiew61@gmail.com

  30. hah, you were there last week...didn't made it because was tied up with something...

  31. Hey, the desserts are very unique especially the ice shaven ones. So different from ice kacang.

  32. Tong Pak Fu? What a creative name! =D

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  34. What fun "peaks"!

  35. Follower id: Carolyn (Lil' Dahling)
    Email: cfsl77@yahoo.com

    I've tried the Tracka Durian Snow Ice. It was a killer already! At that time it wasn't the durian season. Imagine how lovely the D24 Durian Snow Ice would taste in my mouth if I were given a chance to try it. I'm a big durian lover! It would also be perfect to pair the cold dessert with a hot dessert for that 'ummpphh' satisfaction!

  36. ah, I want too. But I am in Singapore.

  37. I'm gonna check out all the dessert shops at KL this coming trip!!

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  38. Never knew that they sell curry fish ball and chicken wings besides desserts. Tried their dessert before, not bad (: I thought you went with your friend since you mentioned in the beginning then I was surprised at the amount of food you guys order but found out that you went for food review HAHA

  39. Drooling at all the desserts! Especially the choc lava cake with vanilla ice cream! : )

  40. Wow! Everything looks so delicious! Never seen anything like that....

  41. Looks yummy! Definetely my favourite, wish to visit this new mall soon!

  42. Fish!! :D.. that black one can eat ah?? I'm curious.. :p

  43. All the desserts very good in presentation and look so yummylicious.

  44. I had their mango sago dessert. SUPER like it! First dine in..Not enough..order another to take away.

  45. Dessert heaven muc h? Remind me to visit soon :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  46. Haven't really try the rest. Always go for Tracka Durian Snow Ice and Glutinous Rice Balls with Black Sesame & Peanut Toppings. But I don't really like their Apple Cumble.

  47. wow, you finish eating all those yummy foods? i love black sesame too, but everything here looks so delicious, my only problem is they won't fit in my stomach :)

  48. Dear all,

    Greetings from ohfishiee.blogspot.com!
    Congratulations to the winners for Tong Pak Fu Vouchers giveaway!

    Click here to check out if you're one of them!
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  49. always pass by tong pak fu outlet but dun have the chance go in makan :( hehe next time lo


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