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10 August, 2012

Friday Fashion: Pastel Pink Flare Dress

It's August! How fast time flies, and more than half of year 2012 has passed. If you realize, I have been actively doing food reviews and I know you can't stand your growling stomach upon stumbling on my blog :P 

Remember the birthday gift for my bestie from Whitesoot? That "Little Black Dress" blog post has gotten overwhelming responses, so I have been thinking of starting a "Friday Fashion" corner on a weekly / monthly basis.

Top: Cupcake Tier Flare Dress from Whitesoot
Shoes: White Ballerina Flats with Pink Bow from Vincci 

Here's my outfit of the day, which I wore during a casual dinner at some hotel. Whitesoot becomes my current addiction, upon one satisfying purchase after another. The quality is really good, with thick inner white lining under the skirt, so that it will not look sheer upon lights. 

I'm always in love with pastel shades, because it's a great hit and in-season color now. Alternatively, you may try it with nude heels and pearl accessories for an elegant ladylike look! 

The layers at the bottom turn the dress into a flirty one :) 

Let me know what do you think, do you prefer drooling over food here or you're up for fashion too? 
:) Hope "Friday Fashion" gains more support from you!


  1. the color really suits you :)

    great buy!

  2. That dress is very cute. You look like a princess. Ok overwhelming liao. but you look absolutely cute in it!

  3. yeah! Agree with Constance.. You look so pretty in that dress! suits u lots! ;D

  4. Frankly, I love fashion more than food.

  5. any dress! why not try some deep color dress? :P

  6. friday fashion is cool too.. do make it a regular.. ;p

  7. You're right! Time really flies!
    Well something different today, not food picts anymore ya? :P

  8. Awww that is the cutest dress - suits you so much :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. What a cute dress!

  10. Slim people looks good in everything ...*envy*envy*

  11. You look so pretty in your pink dress.
    Have a great weekend

  12. Hey Fish, the pink dress really suits you a lot! =)

  13. Wah, nice! Can be a model leh!

  14. really nice dress!it really suits you!n i really love soft pink like yours. n yeah u post a lot of food here.hehe. n i'm on diet.really challenging.(too many 'and')hehe.
    oh dont drop by at my blog because i didnt post anything for a long time ok.hehe. i really mean it.


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