28 August, 2012

GIRLS ALERT: Qualities Men Should Have

FOR HER: You should READ this to know what you REALLY want from guys.
FOR HIM: You must NOT miss this to evaluate how ideal you are for girls.

Click to watch this video

This Youtube video has recently gone viral on Facebook, and after I watched it, I have a little piece of advice for her friend...so I come up with these:

5 Qualities Men Should Have:
(Rank 1 = Most important, 5 = Least important) 


Being patient with the girlfriend may sound easy. BUT... how many of you can still be patient when you're in a bad mood? Never ever let up frustration on your girl. Never. One mistake ruins the whole relationship. 


It's not about earning more money for a better living. It is your effort towards the relationship--- It is how much effort you put in to improve things between you & her, her friends and family that counts!


Love her like how you love yourself! Being selfish in your thoughts and the way you adore her simply wouldn't bring the relationship anywhere further. 


Being gentleman in the daily life means courtesy. But going beyond that is far more significant! Giving her support, being a great listener, showing care and being there for her really matters alot...


Being brave doesn't mean going around looking for trouble. It proves how strong the relationship is, when you are brave enough to protect her and show the courage to walk her down the aisle one day!

So... girls, set your goal and know what you really need from guys.

If any of the guy out there has a perfect balance of the 5 key qualities,
you're more than welcomed to be my prince charming :P

Again, guy being rich means financial security but it does not mean EVERYTHING in life.
You may give up everything now in exchange of MONEY,
but you may end up giving up your entire life in exchange of LOVE...

...Cherish people around you, those who care for you.
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