15 August, 2012

Mille Crêpe @ Indulge Cafe, Kuchai Lama

Indulge Cafe is considered an isolated cafe around the busy food corner at Kuchai Lama. Not many people actually realise that there is this cafe that serves Mille Crepe as good as those from Malacca!

Here I am at this cafe selling freshly-baked Mille Crepe!
Now I get a try around KL, hoping that it tastes as good as in Malacca.

#1 Mocha Mille Crepe @ RM 7.90

But I have learnt my lesson:
Do NOT ever order Mille Crepe of assorted caffeine flavours,
because it indeed spoiled the originality of the piece of cake.

From this picture, you can observe that every layer of mocha cream is thin and soft.
I love it too, although not as much as the one in Malacca!

#2 The Original Classic Mille Crepe @ RM 7.90
Original flavour is always the best!

Layers of crepe, cream and mascarpone, so light and fluffy, it bounces off the fork when cut. In your mouth it melts into a soft texture which the tongue translates as very agreeable taste.

Here's the menu, price ranging from RM 4.90 to RM 22.90.
Pretty affordable and worth a try.

#3 Pan-Seared Butter FiSh @ RM 15.90

Being one of the Chef's Recommendation, I quickly ordered one and it comes with garlic mashed potato, green vegetables, tomatoes-cilantro salsa and citrus Asian vinaigrette.

The sauce (citrus Asian vinaigrette) perfectly matches with the butter fish. Such special sauce indeed brightens the whole dish! :D Thumbs up!

The side dish accompanying the fish palate is wonderful too :) Even the garlic mashed potato is made of layers of potatoes, just like how they make the Mille Crepes!

#4 Chicken Meatloaf @ RM13.90 

However, the next dish is not as fulfilling. The meatloaf is served in a small portion, topped with a sunny-sided egg in a drizzle of mushroom sauce. It looks like a breakfast set to me, but not completed with toasted breads, and the price is shocking to me!

#5 Croque Monsieur @ RM9.90 

The ham and cheese grilled sandwich is then served piping hot from the kitchen, with a bed of French fries. As I fork through the toasted bread, gooey cheesiness unravels and I love the thin layer of ham in between. Quite satisfying as a snack. 

#6 Apple Walnut Pie @ RM7.90

I think Indulge Cafe does better in their desserts, because their pie is sweet in the right amount, not cloying at all! It is served really warm with chunks of walnut and baked apple, topped with my favourite vanilla ice-cream to perfect the combination of hot and cold dessert.

#7 Left: Pink Guava Juice ; Right: Jasmine Tea
Each @ RM 3.90
Both are overly sweetened and lack of the taste of originality.

If you hate the English dining tables, then do opt for the soft, comfy sofa :D
It offers a good seat for chatting and relaxing.

Note: No government tax charge is an added credit to this cafe.

1. There's this cheapest Mille Crepe I've ever tried, with acceptable original flavour despite of the slightly thicker skin. 
2. The cafe offers a quiet ambiance that attracts me to relax and chill there.
3. I admire the twist in the Western menu; But if I were to revisit, I'd go for other types of desserts offered here.

Indulge Cafe
Block A-0-11, 
Kuchai Business Park, 
2, Jalan 1/127, 
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 
58200 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-7984 0866
Email: indulge.mcc@gmail.com
Website: www.bestcafeindulge.com
Facebook: fb.com/IndulgeCafe


  1. Wahhh all the foods look so delicious. And the price is so so cheap. Must try especially that layered crepe... never taste it before hehe...
    My latest Entry :)
    JJCM: Day 25th Ramadhan 1433

  2. I love mille crepe! Erm I think I only had once, from the Dreamz Bakery at Damansara... Nice!

  3. Looks like a cozy little cafe with decent food =)

  4. Better than Food Foundry? Well, I can see that it's cheaper...for one thing. I tried the mocha at Hokkaido mille crepe, Tokyo Street (Pavilion) - RM10.50 a slice...and tasted like cough medicine. Yucks!!! Come and try the ones in Sibu - nice and cheap!

  5. Seems like reasonable prices - apple walnut pie... yummy.

  6. mmmm, it's been quite a few months since the last time i had mille-crepe. i want some now! :D

  7. nice to know I dont have to drive to Malacca for mille crepe! heard about this one that its quite good too... :)

  8. This is on par with Nadeje?? You have set the bar high..now I want to try and see if it's true! :D

  9. again you post always the best and the yummiest :)

  10. Hi Fish,
    May i ask u question,
    izit the restaurant will pay u after u help them blog their shop?sorry for asking this,i am just curious oni~

    1. Hi Stifler Ong, thanks for your interesting question. To clarify, this is not an invited food review and I forked out money from my pocket to dine there. They did not ask me to do any blog post for them and I do not receive any money for the restaurants I go :) I blog about food out of passion, not for money-making purposes. Thank You for dropping by, and hope you'd come back for more.

  11. Wah...my favourite---> Mille Crepe!

  12. Wow yummy yummy.. I love the desserts ^_^

  13. I wonder if they sell this type of crepe in SG. Will be keen to try

  14. Mille Crepe is very popular in Japan too, but I don't see it served in American dessert places. So nice that you can order it and eat it... here I probably need to make it myself! >_< It's easy to make but it's just time consuming I guess.. :-) Great honest review on this restaurant!

  15. What wonderful crepe layers!


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