21 August, 2012

NAAB Iranian Fine Cuisine @ Bukit Bintang, KL

Here's the way towards an affair with truly Iranian / Persian cuisine!

Strolling along the noisy Bukit Bintang road, I'm glad to find a perfect Iranian fine dining restaurant, Naab Restaurant which gives a total contrast of tranquility from the chaotic street. 

The restaurant is more precisely known as "Naab Business & Dining Center" and it comprises of 4 storeys, catering for your needs whether to dine ala carte, buffet style, or organizing functions and weddings.

I was like, "Wow!" as I entered their ballroom and private dining rooms. 

Stepping into the banquet room makes me feel as if I'm from the royals, being welcomed with exquisite interiors that echo the grandness of an ancient imperial dining hall. 

Kerman, the multi purpose hall at Naab.

The team of kitchen brought the art of traditional and contemporary Persian cuisine all the way from Iran and now share with us Malaysians on how the heavy usage of Persian herbs and spices can turn the food into presentable, aromatic and nutritious ones. 

What's the Difference between Iranian & Middle Eastern Cuisine?

Iranians focus more on using herbs and spices along with proper marination without overwhelming the flavours. The foodstuff are all well-cooked, tasty and good in balancing body heat. 


To begin the journey with truly Iranian cuisine, you should head for the medley of dips and salad, accompanied with Naab's specially homemade naan. The foodstuff here is not over-flavoured but just tasty enough to savour with strong aroma from spices. 

The signature homemade Naab bread is freshly baked, and bursting with flavours when it is taken hot. The initially tasteless bread actually has a light sweetness, and best dipped into the tangy, vibrant mixture of chickpeas, garlic and yogurt. Such Iranian staple food has become my favourite too! 

 #1 Naab Special Salad 

If you are split between choices on the salad bar, then the house special salad is what you should go for as it comprises of all fresh vegetables, beans and eggs with special house dressing. 

 #2 Chef Special Salad 
(Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, carrot, baked beans, boiled egg with house dressing)

#3 Top left: Hummos
Top right: Tabouleh
Bottom left: Olivia Salad
Bottom right: Baba Ghonoosh

Apart from the fresh pea salad, Tabouleh still tops my list of favourites after numerous encounters with Iranian fare. The mixture of balghur, tomato, cucumber and mint is well-seasoned with herbs and lime juice, giving a refreshing taste which opens up my palate. 

#4 Left: Persian Fatush
Middle: Hore D'vers
Right: Shirazi Salad

Personally, I prefer something less gravy, and the Persian Fatush comes just at the nick of time. It is a perfect enjoyment to munch away the crispy bread with chunks of tomato, cucumber and bell peppers. 


#5 Top left: Carrot Halva (Carrot)
Top right: Dolma (Stuffed Vegetables)
Bottom left: Kashk O Bademjan (Fried smashed eggplant)
Bottom right: Mirza Ghasemi (Smoked eggplant)

Among the few selections of eggplant dips, the most memorable one is Mirza Ghasemi, a mixture of smoked eggplant which is very rich in flavours, complemented with the simple combination of tomato, egg and garlic. 

#6 Walnut Cheese

#7 Left: Mixed Olives (Green Olives, Black Olives, Stuffed Olives)
Right: Mixed Pickles (Iranian Garlic, Cucumber Pickles & Salty Pickles)


#8 From top to bottom:
Chicken Koobidah Kebab;
Barg Kebab;
Chicken Kebab; 
Lamb Kebab

Naab's assorted kebabs win hands down with its fine combination of marinade and grilling method, creating balanced flavours. My favourite is the grilled marinated ground chicken, known as Chicken Koobidah Kebab, simply flavourful to go with warm saffron rice. 

#9 Top: Fish Finger
Middle: Fried Fish
Right: Curry Chicken

The Siakap fish, native to Australia, is deep-fried with chef's special recipe yet does not overshadow the sweetness of the flesh while retaining its firmness. 

 #10 Naab Spinach Roll Chicken 

You may not be a fan of kebabs, but what not to miss is the tender chicken rolls stuffed with spinach. It is grilled to golden perfection, revealing sweet savoury taste from the soft, juicy meat. 

 #11 Top left: Celery Stew
Top right: Meat Stew
Bottom left: Gheymeh Stew
Bottom right: Ghormeh Sabzi Stew

The top favourites, Gheymeh Stew Ghormeh Sabzi Stew are perfect combination of stew beef cuts with rich herbs and spices. The former has a myriad flavours from the tomato paste and chickpeas while the latter is slow-cooked with fried diced herbs and red beans.

#12 Lamb Shank

Moving on, we are introduced with an exotic Iranian dish made of fine cuts of lamb shank. The marinade is well-suffused into the lamb and I enjoy its firm texture with sufficient moisture within each layer of the meat.

#13 Meat Rollet 

#14 Okra Stew with Meat

#15 Top left: Chicken with Bone
Top right: Oven Chicken
Bottom: Chicken Cutlet

To complement with Malaysian palates, Naab also offers a wide range of Asian flavours which are equally delicious with mild herbs and spices used during preparation.

  #16 Top left: Beriyani Rice
Top right: Dill-Broad Bean Rice
Bottom left: Noodle Rice
Bottom right: Long Bean Rice

Among the selections of rice, my favourite is the pale, greenish Broad Bean Rice because of its buttery, slighty bitter and nutty tastes. So unique it may sound, because it is my first time sampling the soft Iranian rice.

  #17 Saffron Rice

Of course, nothing can beat the staple rice- Saffron Rice. Saffron adds a distinctive color into the rice, allowing it to glow in yellow and tastes like honey with slight bitterness at the edge. 

  #18 Left: Barley Soup
Middle: Haleem
Right: Ash Noodle


To put a sweet ending to the sumptuous meal, I head to the dessert bar for the traditional Iranian pastry, Baklava as well as some fresh fruit cuts. The pastry is rather rich and sweet with layers of flavours from the sugar syrup, rose water and nuts.

 #19 Colorful Malaysian Traditional Kuih

 #20 Assorted Deep-Fried Kuih 

#21 Dates 

#22 Top: Egg Custard
Bottom: Orange Cream Caramel

The Orange Cream Caramel may not look as good, but the taste is rather promising, with its lovely citrus flavour from a zest of orange juice infused in milk. 

 #23 Top: Zolbia & Bamieh
Bottom: Goush Fill

Zolbia and Bamieh to Persians are like Kimchi to Koreans, no households can miss this at home during festive seasons. It is rather sweet with rich syrup flavour but not too cloying after all.


 #24 Iranian Tea

The tea is naturally red, lightly scented and delicious even without adding sugar or milk. The fairly light taste is just nice unless for those who prefer heavier note of taste. 

Alternatively, if you'd just go for your favourite picks, then ala carte menu is available everyday to cater for your needs. Seasonal menu is available at certain periods, so I think I'd be back for Naab's Spaghetti with Special Sauce, Kofta (Iranian stewed meatballs, sliced potato & carrot) as well as Naab Goosht (Iranian broth made of tender mutton, bean, chickpea, potato & tomato).

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1. A la carte menu favours me better, as I can focus on my favourite dish served in a huge portion. 
2. Recommended: Lamb Kebab, Naab Spinach Roll Chicken, Saffron Rice, Lamb Shank
3. Definitely a worthy place for traditional comfort Iranian cuisine with great ambiance and service.

Naab Business & Dining Centre
130, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2143 3949
Email: info@naabrestaurant.com
Operating Hours: 12noon - 12.30am daily

Naab Restaurant & Cafe 
No. 13 & 15, Jalan Solaris 2,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-6203 7647 / 603-6203 7665


  1. I love Iranian food... spicy yet yummy :)

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  3. I was in KL that day but I did not stay in the Bukit Bintang area like I would usually and I did not get to try any mid-eastern cuisine on my short weekend stay there. Will definitely try one of those eateries in the area one of these days. So Iranian is spicy, eh? Oooo...that, I like!!!

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  6. Love Naab! Lots of goodies for me there that night! ;)

  7. love the place and the food it look so nice >.<

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  9. never notice there's an iranian restaurant around till now.. =)

  10. That looks like a great restaurant!

  11. Not really fancy Middle East or Iranian food but I love the fluffy hot bread :)

  12. Yum! I love all of the fresh salads and dips. Great shots!

  13. Waoow. looks good! u make me hungry. :-/

  14. I am not sure if I am going to like Iranian cuisine.

  15. great place and spectacular mouth watering food haha thanks for dropping by to my blog

  16. yah loh, the ballrooms feel so royal eh > . <

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