20 August, 2012

Shimino Japanese Crepes @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Recently I had plenty of Japanese meals, ranging from very filling buffets to ala carte bento sets which are so hunger-satisfying. But now let's forget the udon, sushi and salmon, and go for a sweet tooth  with Japanese crepes!

Located right in front of the Glitters Cafe and GSC ticket purchasing counter, it is very convenient for me to head to this place after collecting my tickets from the cinema.

Originated from Harajuku, Japan, Shimino offers dessert, savoury and crispy crepes with over 26 varieties of flavor combinations of fruits. Better yet, add an ice cream, honey or chocolate toppings to satisfy your taste buds. 

For those who have a sweet tooth, I bet it takes a good 10 minutes to think about which dessert to choose. All of them look so good, with the unique tastes that I really feel like trying everything altogether!

Shimino even offers crispy crepes in blueberry jam, strawberry jam, peanut butter or chocolate topping. Serve in various styles, savoury crepes will fulfill your meal time cravings with a selection of delicious beef sausage, chicken slice or beef strip.

From sweet to savory, Shimino Japanese Crepes are made fresh on the spot and is a perfect quick snack, which can be served as an appetizer, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

My outfit of the day is just casual, but a little of Harajuku style to match Shimino's theme!

They no longer hire locals to prepare the crepes for you, but I believe the recipe is quite standard and the taste of the crepes does not vary much among different outlets.

#1 Crispy Crepe - Peanut Butter @ RM4.90

Call me traditional, the first thing I wish to try is still the old-fashioned pancake sold along the street by an old man at only RM1.60 per piece. But since Shimino doesn't have that here, so I opt for the next best alternative.

Like you can see from the pictures, the crepe is really crispy and very hot! Be careful while handling that or you would burn your lips, lol. The melted peanut butter is so aromatic and I love the sound while munching through the crispiness.

#2 Crispy Crepe -  Banana and Chocolate Topping @ RM4.90

To continue my indulgence in crispiness, I choose the one with thick chocolate filling and sliced banana. Now you can imagine how Nutella spread oozes in your mouth upon each bite!

Ignore my self-addiction picture, but focus on the convenient cup of Iced Lemon Tea @ RM3.90, I wonder if I can bring into the cinema if I cannot finish it there.

#3 Savoury Crepe - Chicken Sausage, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, 
Sliced Egg, and Corn with Chilli / Tomato Sauce @ RM 9.90

The name is crazy long because they do not have a proper shortened title for this savoury crepe. Actually it's simple, the only thing you do is to choose from Chicken Sausage / Beef Strip / Turkey Slice.

Now the skin is the usual popiah wrapper we normally see, nothing much to yell about. And the usual ingredients we use for sandwiches are here too, that's why it's so filling and sufficient for me to take it as a healthy main meal!

 #4 Savoury Crepe - Turkey Slice, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, 
Sliced Egg, and Corn with Black Pepper Sauce @ RM 9.90

I think the turkey slice definitely tastes better than sausages, but due to its high cost, they are reluctant to put too many slices into the crepe. And the black pepper sauce is far more spicy than I'd have thought. 

During my visit there, I actually eye on this and 
I swear I'd try on this the next time I pass by Shimino!

1. A very affordable lunch or dessert especially for working people around the mall.
2. The portion is relatively small but very high in sugar content to fight your hunger pangs.
3. Personally, I feel such comfort food is still better than many newly-introduced Japanese desserts.

Shimino Crepes
4th Floor, New Wing,

1 Utama Shopping Centre, 
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Bandar Utama City Centre, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Website: Shiminocrepes.com.my


  1. i've noticed this shimino crepes near gsc while going there to watch movies, but i've never managed to try it before. i think i'd enjoy it! :D

  2. Nice... We have this here too...haven't had it for ages though...since 2008:

  3. What great and pretty presentation of food!

  4. Wow, the savoury crepes look pretty good. However, I had a pretty bad experience with the food there last time. Forgot what I ordered, but it had cake inside, and the cake was really dry and bland. x___x Makes me reluctant to try it again.

  5. hmm.... a lot of interesting choices out there, we do have such crepes in Penang but the choices are much lesser, and you are right, small portion and high sugar content = fattening haha :P

  6. There are so many choices that even my stomach can't eat them all :P

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. OMG, makes me feel like I'm in Japan again! Fish, come & join my National Day August Bellabox + Int'l Giveaway!

  8. So many different flavors! I think I will try a different one each time until I have tried them all! : )

  9. Nice! So many choices, but I like your suggestions, expecially the mango one!

  10. crepes crepes crepes!!!
    did i say crepes???

  11. Cheese cake in a crepe really intrigued my interest!

  12. one word to describe: SCRUMPTIOUS!!! i remember those days i went Dubai for business trips, how i miss these middle eastern food like hummus, moutableh and falafel..

  13. try them all? catchem ALL! :D (pokemon)
    anyways . . . it is nice but portion too small for me zzz


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