11 September, 2012

Dragon Gate Dim Sum (龙门点心茶楼) @ Kota Damansara

Speaking of Dim Sum, I often go the old school way, with chaotic atmosphere in an open-air outlet, but last Sunday my dining companion recommended us this Hong Kong dim sum eatery with much tranquility and of course, more hygienic. 

Dragon Gate is located at the corner lot around the busy streets near Sunway Giza, and I see there are plenty of food here! I'm soon going to explore one by one, but the only downside is having insufficient parking lots with all the roads going one-way.

For typical Hong Kong Dim Sum, the price here may look a little on the steep side, but the quality is guaranteed. With over 70 varieties of dim sum, many managed to whet my appetite. That's why the atmosphere is so vibrant with groups of old folks and families enjoying their brunch.

Bringing in the authentic Hong Kong style dim sum, Dragon Gate offers each platter in a very delicate, petite portion to display elegance within the delicious dim sum.


Most extensive range of Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun I've seen--- totaling up to 7 choices! 
#1 Spinach Cheong Fun with Shrimps (菠菜鲜虾肠粉) @ RM4.50 

The combination platter of prawn & soy sauce is good, and what makes it stand out is the spinach rice sheets, so silky smooth and chewy when it is rolled up. I like the soft skin as it doesn't stick at all and a dip into sambal belacan keeps the flavours flowing. 

#2 Choi Sum with Garlic (香蒜拌菜心) @ RM4.50


We manage to sample 3 out of 6 types of soft, fluffy buns. From the basic lotus paste, red bean paste and pandan kaya to the signature ones, they are all charged at flat price. 

#3 Custard & Salted Egg Yolk Bun (香滑流沙包) @ RM3.00 

The custard salted egg yolk filling appears to be overly runny as I sink my teeth into it, and the buttery flavour is overwhelming and hence does not bring out the savory part of the dish. 

#4 Black Sesame Bun (黑芝麻包) @ RM3.00 

Despite of the skin being rather thick, I enjoy the soft, fluffy bun with strong sesame aroma. However, the paste not flowing out is a deadly skin, as I prefer a creamier texture inside. 

#5 Char Siew Bao (叉烧包) @ RM3.00 

It may be simple but few can do it well. The delicate bun explodes with a burst of salty-sweet medley as I split open the soft interior, I'm totally smitten with it!


From a total of 23 types, we are fortunate to sample 17 of them. 
That's really a lot of dim sum and it can last for one whole day!

 #6 Bacon Rolls with Honey Sauce (蜜汁烟肉卷) @ RM6.00

Thin, crunchy sheet of bacon, when paired with thick honey sauce is simply perfect, balancing the sweet-savory taste. Highly recommend for pork lovers!

#7 Fried Radish Cake with X. O. Sauce (X. O. 酱炒萝卜糕) @ RM4.50 

Here's another highlight of the brunch which is stellar with its soft cubes of radish cake mixed with unique spicy savoury sauce. Definitely a must order for radish cake lover.

#8 Shanghai Fried Rice Sheet with Shrimps (上海虾仁炒粉皮) @ RM6.00 

This has a lighter taste than the previous one, with equally great amount of 'wok hei'. It is interesting with its silky smooth rice sheets with added crunchiness from the huge fresh prawns. 

#9 BBQ Pies (肉松叉烧酥) @ RM4.20 

For pastry lovers, you'd enjoy each mouthful of thin, crisp wrap enveloping the generous amount of stuffing and crowned with sweet sesame and chicken floss. The juicy barbecued pork is just as good like in the char siew bao. 

#10 Egg Tarts (酥皮蛋撻) @ RM3.00

The egg tarts are not flavourful enough, but I find the skin very nicely done with layer by layer, so thin and crisp. It is very flaky upon each mouthful too, delicious! 

#11 Crispy Yam Puff (蜂巢炸芋角) @ RM3.00

#12 Shanghai Guo Tie (上海炸锅贴) @ RM3.80

#13 Crispy Flour Rolls with Mayo (沙拉油条) @ RM3.80

The Yao Tiu is proved to be interesting with the added twist to the traditional flour rolls by having generous sprinkle of sesame and then crowned with mayonnaise sauce. 

#14 Wasabi Shrimps Balls (芥末虾球) @ RM4.20

For those who would go a little more adventurous, you may try the deep fried shrimp balls with a dip of wasabi for a sharp pungent finish which comes after the savory sweet taste.

#15 Shrimp Rolls with Mango (香芒虾筒) @ RM4.20

I personally find it not so spectacular but a larger dollop of mango could have livened it up with a stronger, juicier mango flavour. 

#16 Sweet Potatoes & Yam Cake (紅薯芋泥餅) @ RM4.20

#17 Beancurd Rolls with Shrimps (腐皮虾卷) @ RM4.20

#18 Phoenix Shrimps with Seaweed (日式鳳尾蝦) @ RM6.00 

The phoenix shrimp is delicious too, because the seaweed wrap is a nice touch as it gives the dish just a dash of crispiness along with thin coating of bread crumbs. 

#19 Radish Cake (炸萝卜糕) @ RM3.00 

With finely mashed carrot, it is pan-fried into golden brown perfection, creating a thin crispy layer on the outside and extremely soft on the inside. Best served piping hot from the kitchen.

#20 Jade Sesame Balls (翡翠芝麻棗) @ RM3.00 

#21 Chillies with Fish Paste (煎釀辣椒) @ RM3.00 
#22 Eggplants with Fish Paste (煎釀茄子) @ RM3.00


For healthier varieties, opt for steamed dim sum in wooden basket.
With our stomachs half-filled, we only manage to sample 14 out of 26 types.

#23 Glutinous Rice Village Style (家鄉糯米雞) @ RM3.80 

I have no complaints for this, as the steamed glutinous rice is soft, moist and flavourful. It is the first to be wiped out at the table. 

#24 Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice (荷葉珍珠雞) @RM4.20 

Simmered in the heat of lotus leaves, it impresses me with strong fragrant rice grains as well as the pieces of juicy meat with added flavour from sliced mushrooms. 

#25 Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (上海小笼包) @ RM6.00 

#26 Herbal Chicken (養身藥材雞) @ RM6.00 

The herbal chicken gives the variety of having mushroom chunks and chicken slices in a bed of Chinese herbs, in a basket. This contributes to a nice medley of rich taste when combined together in a mouthful.

#27 Seafood Dumpling Soup (一品灌湯餃) @ RM10.00

I particularly enjoy this as I can taste the freshness of myriad seafood bursting with every bite, soft and tender! The soup is clear and light with a scent of herbs.

#28 Superior Soup Dumplings (上湯水餃) @ RM4.20 

If you're a fan of dumplings, you'd love this because the prawns are so fresh that you can taste the natural sweetness of it! 

#29 Siew Mai (蚧皇蒸燒賣) @ RM4.20 

My favourite order is siew mai during dim sum sessions, but this is rather different from the usual chewy ones I have. The meat is so finely grounded that it becomes smooth and firm like a fish paste. Nevertheless, the taste is acceptable with non-sticky layer of skin. 

#30 Steamed Pork Ribs (豆豉蒸排骨) @ RM4.20 

This is very nicely done, without softening the meat. Coupled with rich taste of marinade, my dining companions sing praises about the tender meat.

#31 Shrimp Dumplings (晶瑩鮮蝦餃) @ RM4.20 

The skin is a little too sticky for my liking but nevertheless it manages to hold the insides from falling out. It tastes pretty good but not exceptional.

#32 Dumplings with Superior Soya Sauce (豉油皇抄手) @ RM4.20 

#33 Spicy Dumplings (京式饺子) @ RM4.20 

Again, the dumpling is lacking of texture because it's overly fine. However, I must applaud the use of sweet spicy sauce here, as it gives a boost of flavours and compensate for the shortcoming. 

#34 Cabbage Dumplings (碧绿白菜餃) @ RM4.20 

#35 Steamed Fish Ball (青豆鱼賣) @ RM3.00 

#36 Salted Egg Dumplings (咸蛋燒賣) @ RM4.20 


After sampling the tasty dishes from the dim sum selections, it's time to end my meal with fine choices of desserts that range from sweet to soothing. 

#37 Durian Pancake (榴莲班戟) @ RM6.00

When the very much anticipated dessert is served onto the table, all of us have to agree that it is very delicious with its thick & creamy consistency and real durian pulps. 

 #38 Water Chestnut with White Fungus (雪耳马蹄沙) @ RM4.20

In contrast to the heaty king of fruit, we then proceed with a bowlful of chilled dessert which is full of goodness for beautiful skin, and helps cool the body. 

#39 Mango Pudding (芒果布丁) @ RM4.20

Unlike the usual coagulated hard pudding, this is really soft and not too sweet for my liking as I can taste through the rich blended real mango fruit with sweet note of milk.

1. Dragon Gate has over 70 varieties of dim sum---one of the widest range of healthy, top quality dim sum options I've ever sampled in town!
2. Recommended: Spinach Cheong Fun with Shrimps, Shanghai Fried Rice Sheet with Shrimps, Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice  Durian Pancake
3. The ambiance is very hygienic, with quick service and cooling air-conditioned system so that I can enjoy the morning tea session comfortably.

Dragon Gate Dim Sum (龙门点心茶楼)
1-1, Jalan PJU 5/3,
Dataran Sunway,
47810 Kota Damansara,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Contact: 6017-626 7026
Operating Hours: 7am to 3pm daily
GPS Coordinates: N 3.152471, E 101.595383

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