10 September, 2012

Mooncake Festival Reunion Celebration Set Menu @ Ee Chinese Cuisine 颐, Eastin Hotel PJ

Being a traditional Chinese, celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival has become a norm in my family. Every year we have home-cooked sumptuous dinner, but this year... let's save the work and enjoy the special 6-course menu by Master Chef Yong Kam Wah at EE Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya.

#1 Executive Chef Alex Leong and Chinese Chef Yong

#2 Private Dining 

Upon arrival, we are ushered to one of their 7 private dining rooms, walking through the hallway of   exquisitely luxurious interiors with dark furnishings. A charming appeal for family reunions as well as business entertainment.

#3 Caramelized Nuts, Preserved Mangoes & Chillies

#4 Eastin Deluxe Three Combination 

While enjoying the premium grade Chinese teas, the palate opener is served upon us in an individual portion. It is a Steamed Egg in glass, with Deep-Fried Seafood Paste topped with Mayo and Bacon Wrapped Fish Paste on the long plate.

My delightful gastronomic journey starts off with a spoonful of delicate egg custard which then surprises me with seared Foie Gras in it! So silky smooth that it just melts in my mouth with the aromatic spring onions and mushroom bits. 

For the seafood paste, I prefer the Bacon Wrapped Fish Paste, because of its strong honey glazed flavour and every mouthful is so springy and smooth. The crispy Seafood Paste, on the other hand, is on a lighter note, so crunchy outside but soft inside.

#5  Double Boiled Shark’s Bone Soup with Fish Maw and Superior Shark’s Fin 

The appetizer has raised my expectation towards the upcoming dishes, but this bowl of goodness comes in way tastier than I've thought! Master Chef Yong and his team have specially prepared this slow-boiled broth for hours, until it becomes very thick but the consistency is just right. My skin is blessed with collagen from the large chunk of fish maw and overall it brings health benefit to the body. 

#6 Pan-Fried Kurobuta with Shimeiji Mushrooms and Vegetables

Another notable dish is the Kurobuta Pork, pan-fried into lightly charred perfection with veges. Imported from Japan, the pork itself is a meat from premium Black Berkshire Pig, and gains recognition in Japan as 'the pork for the royals'. This means I'm dining like a queen tonight!

As I fork through the pork, it unravels juicy goodness from its very moist texture. I enjoy the robust, sweet savory flavour from the lean meat as well as the melt-in-the-mouth caramelized fatty layer. 

#7 Steamed Marble Goby with Fresh Beancurd in Superior Soya Sauce 

The simple taste and preparation do not overshadow the flakiness of the flesh, but at the same time ingredients such as light soy sauce and spring onion help enhance the natural sweetness further. 

#8  Steamed Soba with Prawn and Egg White 

It looks like another steamed egg custard, but the hidden gem is revealed beneath the fresh prawn and egg white topping. A handful of handmade buckwheat noodle is steamed in a bowl yet not being overly soft and able to retain its sweetness.

#9 Double Boiled Snow Lotus Seed with White Fungus & Ginkgo Nuts Combination with Yam Puff 

Putting a sweet endnote to the elegant dinner, I leave some stomach space for the warm dessert which is full of beauty goodness. What a comforting dessert that reminds me of home.

The dinner is incomplete without a sip of Chinese tea while sinking my teeth into the Filo Pastry with Yam. The paper-thin sheets on the outer layer provides a crispy biting enjoyment while the mashed yam paste is just nice and lightly sweet. Similar to Teo Chew Spiral Yam Mooncake, it brings elegance in the traditional way.

#10 Ee Kitchen's Freshly Baked Mooncakes

One dessert comes after another! We're tempted with a myriad of delectable baked and snow skin mini mooncakes, all are freshly prepared and come straight from Ee kitchen. Eastin now serves these traditionally-flavoured mooncake in petite sizes, so that it won't be too cloying for one.

#11 Pandan Paste with Single Yolk (单黄金翡翠月饼) @ RM9.50+
Black Sesame Lotus (黑芝麻莲蓉月饼) @ RM9.50+
Crispy Salted Egg Yolk Puff (酥皮单黄月饼) @ RM9.50+

I personally love the mooncake in pastry puff, as its crispy outer layer complements well with the smooth, aromatic pandan paste and savory egg yolk bits in it. The pandan filling is slightly sweeter than usual, but the skin is thin enough and nicely done.

#12 Crystal Durian Duo (冰皮榴莲) @ RM9.50+

The seasonal special D24 durian flavour is back this year with its golden complexion. The creamy filling has a good ratio of lotus paste and light durian paste, so it is more acceptable specially for those who can't stand the strong pungent smell of durian.

List of Mooncakes by EE Chinese Cuisine in 2012


Baked Skin 大餅
1. Red Bean Paste / 豆沙月饼 @ RM16.50+
2. Assorted Fruits & Nuts with Chicken Bits / 火凤凰 (金腿) 月饼 @ RM17.00+
3 Jade Custard / 翡翠奶皇月饼 @ RM17.00+
4 Low Sugar White Lotus / 低糖白莲蓉月饼 @ RM17.50+
5. Golden Honey Grapefruit with Pineapple / 黄梨柚子月饼 @ RM17.50+
6. Lotus Paste Single Yolk / 单黄莲蓉月饼 @ RM18.00+


Baked Skin 小餅
1. White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk / 单黄白莲蓉月饼 @ RM9.50+
2. Pandan Paste with Single Yolk / 单黄金翡翠月饼 @ RM9.50+
3Black Sesame Lotus / 黑芝麻莲蓉月饼 @ RM9.50+
4Crispy Salted Egg Yolk Puff / 酥皮单黄月饼 @ RM9.50+

Snow Skin 冰皮
1. Crystal Bamboo Charcoal Paste / 竹炭莲蓉冰皮月饼 @ RM9.50+
2. Crystal Green Tea with Single Yolk / 绿茶单黄冰皮月饼 @ RM9.50+
3 Crystal Durian Duo / 冰皮榴莲 @ RM9.50+
4 Crystal Walnut Chocolate / 合桃朱古力冰皮月饼 @ RM9.50+

Mid-Autumn Festival Reunion Celebration Set
Duration: 16 August - 30 September 2012 
Price: RM168++ per person (minimum 2 persons)
Complimentary set  of freshly baked mooncake:
(8 pcs for every 4 diners)
(4 pcs for every 2 diners)

1. Personally, I'd rate 5/5 for the ambiance, taste, service and presentation. No complaints at all!
2. Recommended: Eastin Deluxe Three Combination, Double Boiled Shark’s Bone Soup and Pan-Fried Kurobuta with Shimeiji Mushrooms and Vegetables
3. Pricewise, it falls on a higher range, but it's a good premier restaurant to visit for Cantonese authenticity. 

Ee Chinese Cuisine
Lobby Level
Eastin Hotel 
13, Jalan 16/11, 
46350 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-7665 1111
Email: info.pj@eastin.com
Website: www.eastin.com

Business Hours
12noon - 2.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
10am - 2.30pm (Sundays & Public Holidays)
6.30pm - 10.30pm (Daily)


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  9. your blog never fails to make me hungry

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