15 October, 2012

Coffee Chemistry Signature @ First Subang Mall, SS15

Good Morning! What about starting your day with a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee? It never fails to put a smile on my face, knowing that much hard work, patience and love is put into this lovely cup of coffee.

Located on the ground floor of First Subang Mall, directly opposite to Austin Chase SS15, Coffee Chemistry Signature always gives me a warm and nice feeling as I walk past the shop. Opened its door since 29 September 2011, this is actually my first visit here.

(a choice of Black Coffee, Cafe Latte, Cappucino and Cafe Mocha)

The signature outlet is the first cafe in Malaysia serving one of the world's finest coffees- Graffeo, ranked Number 1 in both coffee quality and service in the marketplace guide. Self-proclaimed as "the best coffee around", let's see if it is absolutely perfect!

Iced Cappucino @ RM9.90

Something I love to admire the barista here is not just the ordinary coffee art, but their specialty 3D Coffee Art with lots of design. That's where my teddy bear comes alive in a cup of rich, full and never bitter coffee.

Look at its pointy nose, how adorable it is!

#3 Cappucino, Cafe Latte and Cafe Mocha @ RM9.90

Of course it is not just about coffee. The menu also features a wide range of Asian Western Fusion food, catering for the residential crowd. The place looks inviting with simple decor and clean ambiance.

During my visit there, the owner, Ryan Hew surprised us with some experimental appetizer dishes which are yet to be included in the menu. We were served with bite-sized canapes that can be shared, allowing us to eat as much or as little as our heart desires.

#4 Smoked Salmon on Basil with Maltaise Topping Baguette

I love the way the lightly sweetened sauce complements with the heavy flavours of smoky salmon. The freshly made baguette, however, has nothing to shout about. 

#5 Tuna on Basil & Mayo Topping Baguette 

The tuna is quite light, but still tastes as good with an added flavour from the chopped onions. But then again, the baguette is too tough for me to bite through. 

#6 Ratatouille Bruschetta

The bruschetta is slightly better but still does not meet the "crispy outside, soft inside" criteria. The French vegetable stew topping is crowned with a huge prawn, giving a good balance of tangy and sweet taste.

#7 Mushroom Onion Bruschetta 

As I settle for something milder, the mushroom and onion suit my liking, and thumbs up to the added sprinkle of chilli powder which gives a kick to the bread.

#8 Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Skewer

Fret not although you may not be a bread person. The teriyaki glazed chicken is so moist inside, with the flavours well-suffused into the meat. The sweet savory dish is completed with a dip into the dark sauce.

#9 Miniature Beef Bacon Hand-roll 

This is one of the existing best-selling dishes, normally served at the adult size at RM7.90 each. The tortilla skin is thick enough to hold the crunchy bacon, shredded vegetables and mayo as one. However, the chef is rather generous in applying the mayo that overshadows the smoky bacon. 

#10 Homemade Potato Croquettes @ RM8.90

The exterior is very crispy, while the mashed potato appears firm without being overly mushy. Filled with very mild cream cheese, it tastes very light and great even for the cheese haters. 

#11 Kiddie Chicken Tomato Spaghetti @ RM10.90

As for the pasta menu, I have a small portion of spaghetti, but I can assure you your kid can hardly finish such huge plate of spaghetti! The al dente pasta is too filling with so much button mushroom and meat bits.

#12 Mango Salsa

If you prefer a heavier note of flavour, this mango salsa serves you right with its light, refreshing tangy taste. 

PEOPLE Chemistry. KITCHEN Chemistry. COFFEE Chemistry.

1. Coffee Chemistry is a great place for tea and brunch, especially for those staying within the vicinity of Subang.
2. Recommended: Assorted Coffee and Beef Bacon Hand-roll 
3. You wouldn't be surprised if I were to come back to try their steaks.

Coffee Chemistry Signature
G22 & G23
Ground Floor, 
First Subang Mall,
Jalan SS15/4G, 
47500 Subang Jaya,
Contact: 603-5612 2299
Email: coffeechemistrysignature@gmail.com 
Business Hours: 10am - 10.30pm daily

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