13 October, 2012

Yamagoya Ramen (山小屋) @ SetiaWalk, Puchong

I bet you know the trend of Japanese Ramen around Malaysia. It was quite popular early of the year, and now the industry of this Wheat Noodle is still expanding. 

But...have you ever wonder how many types of different elements come together to create this perfect bowlful of slurpy, steaming goodness?

Proclaimed as the first original Kyushu ramen in KL, Yamagoya Ramen has over 150 outlets across Japan, and it recently opened its doors of second outlet at Setiawalk Puchong in Malaysia, following the one at Solaris Dutamas

The interior reflects simplicity, with its dimly-lit interior which creates a warm ambiance. Great to catch up with friends around this quiet place too. 

It boasts an open-concept kitchen where customers can feel the hard work and sincerity in the process of preparing ramen, providing them authentic Kyushu-style ramen the way it tastes in Japan.

#1 Mukashi Special Ramen @ RM24

If you're new to ramen, this house specialty ramen is a must-try to complete your Kyushu experience here. Each large bowlful consists of handmade noodles, topped with Chashu (Sliced Pork), egg, wood fungus, bean sprouts, nori sheet and spring onions that boast the porky goodness of the tonkotsu (Pork Bone) broth

#2 Yamagoya Soy Sauced Egg @ RM4

The whole soft-boiled egg cooked in soy sauce is simply irresistible, and it has me going for a second helping. Its light saltiness complements well with the essence of pork in the broth.

#3 Yamagoya Ramen @ RM19

For the small eaters, the Yamagoya Ramen serves you right as a dressed-down version of Mukashi Special Ramen. Add some Takana Pickles @ RM3 ("Suan Cai" 酸菜), to open up your palate with its sour savory flavour. 

#4 Char Siu Ramen @ RM24

There goes a true affair with hog-- my fave Char Siew! Topping the ramen, this thinly sliced pork has a good balance between lean and fatty layer. Surprisingly there's not even a single drop of oil floating on the soup! Delicious!

#5 Kimchi Ramen @ RM22

Adding a twist to the hearty broth, a small portion of kimchi creates a warm and spicy broth, a perfect complement to the thin and straight noodles. Additional helping of kimchi is available at RM3

#6 Spicy Tobanjan Ramen @ RM22

Going more adventurous there is the best-selling Szechuan-style spicy hot bean sauce (辣豆瓣酱), which goes well with the popular tonkotsu soup as well as the basic shoyu (Soy Sauce) and Miso broth. It creates a winning taste of ramen, totally spiced up!

#7 Black Garlic Ramen @ RM22

The dish that wins the most unanimous votes for the evening is the black garlic ramen in a broth infused with the sweet savoury flavour of charred black garlic. I can even drink the soup like a fish! Need a stronger flavour of the soup? Feel free to order more Black Garlic Oil @ RM3.

#8 Miso Ramen @ RM24

Miso ramen is the newest of the ramen styles, combining a large amount of miso with oily pork broth. This creates a broth so thick, sweetish and nutty that it turns out to be quite heavy for me. 

#9 Nori Seaweed Ramen @ RM22

#10 Menma Ramen @ RM22

Concentrating on the sun-dried bamboo shoot, we have the menma ramen in the brownish tonkotsu broth, resulting in a strong salty and savoury taste. 

#11 Gyoza @ RM11

Besides ramen, Yamagoya Ramen also has a selection of appetizers, like gyoza. The pan-fried dumplings here are not as moist as I'd prefer, but nevertheless the thin skin is just nice to envelope the very juicy pork. 

 #12 Fried Chicken @ RM11

Then we have the crowd favourite fried chicken, which also has me going for a second helping. Crispy and aromatic outside, the meat is very fluffy and moist inside. Thumbs up! 

#13 Yaki Ramen @ RM15

On the bright side, Yaki Ramen, a healthier version of Malaysian Mee Goreng, is available too. The stir-fried noodles taste as moist and springy as the usual ramen in broth.

#14 Fried Rice @ RM10

If your appetite is less than ample, there is the Japanese fried rice topped with aromatic spring onions. The rice used is small in size, creating a crunchy biting pleasure. 

#15 Stir Fried Vegetables @ RM7

To complement with the hearty broth with loads of pork, we have some Teppanyaki vegetables with abundance of aromatic garlic chips and soy sauce. 

#16 Sake & Syouchu

As low as RM13, you can enjoy the fun with Japanese wine with friends and family. For more exquisite selection, it can go up to RM175 per bottle! 

 #17 Green Tea @ RM2

1. Yamagoya has shown its own character especially in its very own broth and condiments. 
2. Recommended: Black Garlic Ramen, Spicy Tobanjan Ramen, Fried Chicken 
3. Hygienic ambiance, fast service, and most importantly the quality of food is fairly matched with the price. 

Yamagoya Ramen (山小屋) 
C-08-G, Block C,
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong, 
47160 Puchong, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Facebook: fb.com/yamagoya
Website: www.yamagoya.co.jp

Operating Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 12noon - 10pm
Friday - Saturday: 12noon - 12pm (Closed from 3pm - 6pm)
Sunday: 12noon - 10pm


  1. Replies
    1. ehh i haven't finish my comment~

      but is this better than the one in midvalley or pavillion? @_@

    2. Hi Kelvin, for the noodles then yes. But for the pork, you'll be amazed with others :)

  2. I like the look of the soy sauced egg.

  3. Looks great I want to try too! There's a trend of jap cuisine in SG too!

  4. Malaysian ramen also not cheap hor!
    But no matter how hard they try, the ramen will still be different from Japan's.
    Do read my entry for Ippudo Ramen in Shibuya Japan!
    Hope you'll like it! ♥

  5. Thats a lovely spread of food and of course, I must have sake to go with my Japanese food.

  6. Just ok with ramen...good for a change sometimes but I prefer our local noodles. For one thing, not so expensive. Oooo...fried rice RM10! Ok lah, classy place...as long as it is nice.

  7. Informative and nice shots as usual.. :-)

  8. looks like a nice place for ramen

  9. I could eat here very happily. The gyoza was the only dish that didn't look like the ones I enjoy.

  10. yummmzzzz... this place is so nearby mu house.. I always visit this place !!!;D

  11. ive always wanted to eat on a japanese restaurant but there just no such restaurant near by

  12. oh no... i'm a big fan of ramen, we do have decent ramen restaurants in Perth but they are pretty far from my place (and pricey ;( too), i hope to see more ramen-specialized restaurants to open in Penang soon

  13. love your shots of the ramen ... definitely looks very appealing! :D

  14. I like ramen ramen ramen! QQ feelings! :D

  15. I like Yamagoya's broth, very rich and delicious.

  16. Luckily we are not crazy fans of ramen, else will sure go there eat :P But I feel a bit pricey wor... especially RM4 for the 1 soy sauced egg?!

  17. Nice, I've been to the one in Solaris but Puchong is a bit too far for me.

    I love ramen, especially the basic chashu ones.

    My current favorite is this and Santouka! :D

  18. I ll take Fried Chicken & Mukashi Ramen pls.... drools.....

  19. this is my favourite restaurant too. I especially love the egg and the soup.

  20. I have been to this Setia Walk Puchong. Not bad. A great place to hang out with friends

  21. Yeah I love Ramen. Emm the soup base look very thick and nice. The Kimchi Ramen will be my choice.

  22. I've never tried ramen before.....i'm afraid of the soup does not suit me as I don't like Miso soup. Not sure if the soup tasted the same ? But that fried chicken looks yummy!

  23. Wah so many types of ramen! If I were there, sure dont know which one to choose, hehe ;)

  24. The price not cheap oso...How's about the ramen portion?

  25. The ramen trend only in KL bah... Penang doesn't have too much of decent ramen eateries....

  26. Keep this going please, great job!

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