16 October, 2012

umecare: Peace of Mind for Sensitive Skin

October is really a good month, with a whole month of semester break, lots of exciting events and... a parcel addressed to me with my surname! I'm still wondering how did they manage to know my surname.

The parcel was a gift from the Medique Group, a full service global medical aesthetic supplier based in USA.  Knowing that my skin is constantly dry with large pores, the physicians introduce me the Peace of Mind  facial products, exclusively for normal and sensitive skin.

The whole series is labelled clearly from Number 1 to 4, so I'd remember which to use daily in a sequence without mistake. Mild and gentle, I find their product suits my dry skin well. 

Step 1: Gentle Cleanser
Step 2: Calming Toner
Step 3: Desensitizing Serum
Step 4: Desensitizing Moisturizer 

It is able to heal damage skin with its anti-inflammatory properties to reduce itching, burning and stinging of your skin and give you a Peace of Mind in life. If you have a normal skin with no acne or other major skin problem like mine, then this will work well on your skin too. 

After using this for some time, my skin is now smoother and healthier-looking. I always have a problem with oily T-Zone and the lazy me skip sun protection regularly, that's why umecare comes in handy, and I realise my skin is showing slight improvements. 

Comes in a designer travel pouch, each is only 15ml, so conveniently-sized that I can bring it everywhere, especially for travel purposes. I can now bring you along and I swear I wouldn't sleep with makeup on anymore!

For further understanding in your skin, they have umeskin analyzer and careroll derma roller as a quick, convenient remedy towards a good-looking skin. I'd love to try rolling off my open pores with this simple and easy tool. 

Courtesy to umecare, they've provided me with some complimentary gift for the eye, neck and skin. Great service with quick feedback, thumbs up!

Thanks umecare for showing your care towards my skin! :)

More information about umecare:
Website: www.mediquegroup.com
Facebook: fb.com/umecare


  1. Of course lah...they say thank you and don't we all know why! LOL!!!

  2. let us know what you think about it after using ;)

  3. keep us posted on how it turns out for you. nice to check out new products:D

  4. Looks like a great line, especially since I have sensitive skin.

  5. how a complete set nice i would love to have those too hahaha

  6. Wow, interesting range of skincare!


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