19 November, 2012

Review: Share your Photo Instantly via WiFi in Samsung Camera NX1000

Hello everyone, it's time to reveal my BabyWhite here. I have been using this camera over a month, and am totally in love with many functions it has there.

Besides looking very chio, the camera has a function that my DSLR doesn't have!
--- the Wi-Fi function

It allows instant sharing of pictures to Samsung Smartphones (Thank God I have one!), 
Email, Cloud (SkyDrive), Photobucket and most importantly, Facebook! 

Each time when I have captured precious moments that I'm too afraid to lose,
I will back up the pictures to my phone.

Another cool thing is, if you have recorded a video, 
you can edit it on the camera itself and upload it directly to Youtube! 
That's cool right?

This is the first time I have done a video to share with you on how to upload pictures to Facebook
within 10 seconds! That's superbly FAST. Paiseh, I am kinda camera-shy here.

I'm utterly amazed with this camera, how about you?
Stay tuned for my upcoming updates with more pictures taken from my BabyWhite.


  1. definitely impressive! and it looks really nice too :D

  2. Things get better and better each passing day...

  3. I wish my camera was that easy

  4. Very cool! WiFi is one of the features i'm looking for in a camera.
    BTW, can pictures be shared/sent to iPad/iPhone?

  5. Wow... that shd be fast uploading and updating! FB, instagram, and whatnot wud be instantly revolutionised!

  6. Wow this is nice want.. can connect to internet.. my friend's normal cam also have .. this function =D

  7. Camera in white is so cool, love it! Next time bring out let me play play~

  8. The camera's so cool! Is it possible to take good pictures of an object in the distance? Mine doesn't do a good job, unfortunately. =(

    Fish, how much did it cost?

  9. Ahh....envy envy! White White is so niceeeee


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