19 November, 2012

Review: Share your Photo Instantly via WiFi in Samsung Camera NX1000

Hello everyone, it's time to reveal my BabyWhite here. I have been using this camera over a month, and am totally in love with many functions it has there.

Besides looking very chio, the camera has a function that my DSLR doesn't have!
--- the Wi-Fi function

It allows instant sharing of pictures to Samsung Smartphones (Thank God I have one!), 
Email, Cloud (SkyDrive), Photobucket and most importantly, Facebook! 

Each time when I have captured precious moments that I'm too afraid to lose,
I will back up the pictures to my phone.

Another cool thing is, if you have recorded a video, 
you can edit it on the camera itself and upload it directly to Youtube! 
That's cool right?

This is the first time I have done a video to share with you on how to upload pictures to Facebook
within 10 seconds! That's superbly FAST. Paiseh, I am kinda camera-shy here.

I'm utterly amazed with this camera, how about you?
Stay tuned for my upcoming updates with more pictures taken from my BabyWhite.

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