20 November, 2012

Happy Birthday from Petite Patisserie @ Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya

Do you still remember my super awesome mousse cakes from Petite Patisserie at Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya? November is a month full of excitements and blessings! 

Special thanks to Petite Patisserie, I have my very first DIY Birthday Cake for my 20th Birthday last week. 

I was given a choice among these 3 best-selling flavours--- Chocolate, Strawberry and Mango.
But recently it has introduced a new, exotic flavour which I find it uncommon in Klang Valley area, 
the tangy Passion Fruit flavour! So I thought, why don't I give it a try? 

I chose a plain passion fruit mousse cake, and decorated it all by myself. Well, 20 years old is never too old for me, and I preferred adding colors to my cake. Let's see how it transforms from a plain Jane to something cheerful and funky!

DIY DECO: Three (3) Simple Steps
#1 Choose your toppings from various shapes and colors
#2 Arrange them according to your preference 
#3 Wrap a ribbon around the cake

The mini butterfly coupled with stars, takes the centre stage, while I have some almonds laced with white chocolate surrounding the cake. Keeping it simple and minimalist, a piece of contrasting birthday ribbon is perfect to add to the vibrant decors. 

Ta-daaa! My cake is done, full of sweetness and happiness.
I bet everyone who sees my cake would automatically crave a smile on their face!!

Since this is a passion fruit mousse cake, I ask for a small ice pack to keep it chilled 
so that it doesn't melt easily under such hot weather during the day. 
For your information, it is best consumed within 3 days upon purchase.

 I believe, the best food on Earth is when I enjoy them with le family :) 

Daddy and Mummy don't enjoy overly-sweetened stuff, and so true that the Passion Fruit Fantasy Mousse Cake is fruity and soft with natural flavours. Definitely no sweetness overload here!

Sandwiched between layers of fluffy vanilla sponge cake, the passion fruit mousse gives a sweet tartness, with slight hints of sourness. The combination gives a light texture, and very refreshing to the palate!
I heard that another new flavour, Choco Berry Medley is now available at Petite Patisserie!
*limited stock* Don't forget to try on them now! :) 


  1. Your birthday last week? Belated birthday greetings, hope you had a great one and wishing you a really awesome year ahead!

  2. belated birthday my dear! anyway, cake very cute! :D

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to you Fish! Well, your cake was so nice and really colourful. So 3D look. Nice one! :D

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  5. What a cute cake! Btw, happy belated birthday to you too.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday my dear~ Oh...20 years old, an age that leave me far far away~~~~~

  7. thats cool a scrumptious dyi bday cake yum yum
    anyways belated happy birth day my gorgeous friend

  8. Wow, DIY birthday cake? So cool~
    Happy belated birthday to you ya!

  9. What a fun birthday! Hope it was a happy one!

  10. That's a very nice cake. Nicely decorated oso ;-)


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