25 November, 2012

Wine Pairing Dinner with Thomas K. Hardy @ Urban, Hotel Istana KualaLumpur

#1 Wine Pairing Dinner

Thomas Hardy; A wine for pleasure and celebrations. This was my first time sampling the collection of Thomas Hardy, originated from Australia, and I was fortunate to meet Thomas K. Hardy, the fifth generation in person during a wine pairing dinner held recently at Istana Hotel  Kuala Lumpur. 
#2 Thomas K. Hardy's WINES

Urban, I find it a perfect venue for contemporary fine dining, after my previous memorable experience here. 

#3 Warm, Comfortable Fine Dining 

Hosting the wine pairing dinner, Urban has worked for a romantic setting to welcome the diners of the evening. Such atmosphere has lifted up my mood towards enjoying the dinner with fellow media friends.

#4 Mr. Thomas K. Hardy

This charming man welcomed us with his warm smiles, and then shared with us about his wine adventure which began with his first sip of wine at the tender age of 7! Now he is a wine master craftmans over 10 years, creating his very own wine collection that gained popularity around the world. 

#5 Bread and Dips

Urban's signature fluffy bread, complemented with an array of house dips, was a perfect palate opener before we had our first entree of the exquisite dinner. 

#6 Amuse Bouche

First to impress me was the amuse bouche, so beautifully presented in complementing colours.  Simple egg shell, coupled with a petite pastry and creme brulee could just be simple yet palatable.

Digging deep into the egg shell was the Egg Custard with Lobster, Sea Urchin, Miso Scented with Spicy Togarashi Pepper Emulsion. The deep flavour laid within was totally a piece of art! Beside having a remarkably smooth texture, the seafood freshness stood out among the rest. 

Toning down the flavour was the complementing Profiteroles with Wild Smokey Salmon Mousse, and Goose Liver Creme Brulee topped with Apple Chip and Spice Bread. Both were simply light and created a balancing taste going down the throat.

#7 "Kumamoto" Oyster Panna Cotta, Black Grain-Pearl with Capers Berry, 
Pineapple Cappaccio, Aloe Vera Jelly, Lime Virgin Rape Seed Oil Dressing, 
Petit Salad & Chinese Lychee Infused Japanese Horseradish Sorbet

Just by looking at this innovative presentation, it lifted my expectation towards the 6-course meal. The 2009 Thomas K. Hardy 'IMPRIMATUR' Chardonnay was my favourite of the evening. Its pronounced citrus-like crispiness made it a perfect match for the strong oceanic flavours such as oyster and scallop. 

If you do not know, the Kumamoto oyster from Japan is famed for its gigantic size and utter freshness. Such premium quality oyster not only exploded with juiciness, but also went along well with the mildly zesty accompaniment. 

#8 Baked Labeyrie Foie Gras (Feuillette) with Truffle Duxelles,
Mizuna Lettuce, Morel Mushroom Garlic Froth & Rich Port Jus

Well-enveloped within the feuillette, the outer layer of the pastry revealed a strong aroma of butter. Unravelling through the flakiness, I was surprised by a huge piece of foie gras elegantly sitted along with truffle duxelles. 

 The outer flaky pastry married with a breadcrumb-like texture inside made it truly a masterpiece in Urban! 

#9 Family Tradition "Cabernet Sauvignon" Vintage 2008 

The decadent foie gras was paired with 2008 Thomas K. Hardy 'Family Tradition' Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine that tasted very fresh and lightly fruity in the mouth with an earthy note. The palate was tannic, hence perfectly cut through the foie gras feuillette.

#10 Mojito Sorbet

After a long chat with laughters among diners, we had a scoop of mojito sorbet 
as a good palate cleanser as there were more exciting dishes coming our way! 

#11 Mullawara Lamb "Parmentier" with Spicy Merguez,
Honey Pumpkin & Shallot Reduction

The best was yet to arrive! Next was the first main course, a western lamb dish injected with rustic preparation methods from French haute cuisine. Cutting through the lamb, I realised the first layer was nice and crisp but the knife slided right through the well-cooked meat which was tender and juicy. The mashed potato enveloping the diced meat was a nice addition here.

A good meaty portion was best paired with 2009 Dizzy201 'Vintage Reserve' Shiraz Cabernet. The bouquet of deep maroon hues gave an aroma of raspberry and blackberry fruits with hints of pepper of truffle. A clean mouthful with velvety finish and nicely-balanced hops. 

#12 Dizzy201 Vintage Reserve "Shiraz Cabernet" 2009

#13 Sous Vide - Herb Crumb Mandagery Creek Venison Loin,
with Braised 1824 Grain Fed Cheek Ravioli, Beetroot, Celeriac,
Glazed Apricot, Carrot Dot, Cocoa Crumb, Jumbo 
Asparagus Verte and Shiraz Bing Cherry Reduction

If it was meat you fancy, nothing would satisfy more than the venison loin. It was a pressure cooked loin with sauce, guaranteed to leave diners gratified. I'd definitely call it my favourite of the evening, as forking through the meat slowly unraveled the juiciness of the medium rare venison. A heavenly creation!

#14 "Cheeses From Here and There" Australian & French
Pineapple Saffron Clove Jam & Muesli Granola

Like the venison, the premium selection of Australian and French cheese was paired with 2008 Thomas K. Hardy 'IMPRIMATUR' Shiraz as well. A sip of deep plum colored wine gave a pronounced bitter grip mid-palate with strong aromas of raspberry, cassis and mulberry fruits. 

#15 Geoff Hardy "Full Fronti" Liqueur Frontignac

Putting an endnote to the dinner was a wine of decadence! The brightly-hued liqueur frontignac was rich with bursting flavours of orange marmalade, musk fruit and exotic spices. The palate pronounced acidity lending juiciness, with hints of sweetness. Best married with the dessert of the evening.

#16 Valrhona bitter sweet chocolate tart, infused grand-marnier, caramelized
banana, hazelnut milk ice cream, orang tuile and caramel

Lastly we were presented a delicate platter of sweet indulgence. Served on a tart, the fine quality chocolate and hazelnut milky ice cream were a clear combination of winning taste. The taste was perfectly balanced, and the orang tuile and caramelized banana were great to add citrus sweetness to the palate.

#17 The Wine Collection 

1. It was another memorable night at Urban, a perfect meal with good wine and companions. 
2. Recommended: 2009 Thomas K. Hardy 'IMPRIMATUR' Chardonnay and Geoff Hardy "Full Fronti" Liqueur Frontignac
3. I have learned a lot during the wine pairing dinner, definitely a great dining experience which I enjoyed. Hope to have more chances like this from time to time :)

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  1. foie gras with truffles in pastry drenched in port jus! masterpiece sounds like the right word! :D

  2. i know that it was wine pairing dinner but honestly i dont care about wine i just love those dishes haha

  3. OMG, this is a fantastic one. good food pair with good wine. sadly I don't know how to taste wine.

  4. Wow... makes me hungry, the food looks great!! Wondering how the wine taste like can't taste it thru your words!! OMG gonna try them someday. =]

  5. wow good food goes with good wine! perfect!

  6. A memorable dinner with good food & good wine~

  7. Wahhhh.... such a lucious mea!! =)

  8. great wine pairing.. never fails to impress me at Urban as always... my favorite of the night was the Baked labyrie of Foie Gras!! :D

  9. I love wine pairing dinners! This looks like a fun one.


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