22 December, 2012

Padi House @ Jalan Teknokrat, Cyberjaya

Studying at Cyberjaya, I often visit this place for a simple lunch or dinner. Recently during my usual visit, I realise Padi House has changed the entire menu with a leather covered booklet and hiked prices.

#1 Fresh Honey Dew @ RM 4.50

To start off, a refreshing glass of fruit juice is suitable to relax my mind. But sadly, it's a sweetened version of juice and I can't tell how 'fresh' it actually is. 

#2 Vietnamese Chicken Chop Rice @ RM 8.90

To replenish the energy level of the day, a palate of chicken chop with egg and salad is a good choice. The only Vietnamese style I can see from this dish is the sauce itself. Neither too salty nor sweet, the sauce perfects the piece of marinated chicken chop.

#3 Crab Thermidor @ RM 7.90

This plate of cheese-baked crabmeat chunks with salad looks good and smells really cheesy. I can proudly announce this as my favourite!

But look at the portion of the crab thermidor, it is as small as my size of palm! Judging from the shallow depth of the plate, I can tell that I can finish the whole plate in just 5 big spoons!

The crab meats are so flavourful that every bite has a cheesy taste in it. Attracted by the cheesiness, I really want to order another bowl that tantalizes my taste buds!

#4 Nutty Bonanza Bowl @ RM 7.90

After the simple meal, I decide to boost up my sugar level with an ice cream bowl. Made of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with banana, nuts and chocolate fudge, it also adds a quick energy boost for the rest of the day! 

1. The taste is acceptable and becomes everyone's favourite around Cyberjaya due to the limited choices of food there. 
2. The ambiance is suitable for casual dining and business meeting, and even as a study hotspot for MMU students!
3. The only downside is the table setting, everything looks kinda filthy and old.

Padi House
Block 3503, 
Jalan Teknokrat 5,
63000 Cyberjaya, 
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