10 February, 2013

Marie France Bodyline: Acoustic Radial Therapy 2013

Have you noticed the Marie France Bodyline advertisement 
on the newspaper recently?

When I first hear about slimming center, I feel skeptical on two things- Price and Effectiveness. But today, after meeting the professionals, I manage to clear my doubts and address the inaccuracies and misconceptions about slimming treatments I have in my mind all the while.

Established in Switzerland more than 20 years ago, Marie France Bodyline (MFB) is no longer a new icon in the world of slimming. Looking for holistic weight-loss and inch-loss solutions without strict dieting, strenuous exercise or pills? MFB is the right solution towards losing weight naturally!

Meeting the woman behind the world's slimming professionals is quite inspiring for me. Backed by over 20 years of experience in beauty and slimming industry, the first lady CEO of MFB, Amy Quek Swee Li has made me realised something important in life- 

Flaunt your beauty and always show your most confident self! 

Malaysians loveeee food! Don't you just have to agree with this statement? Especially post-vacations and festive seasons will normally get me the shock of my life! That's why I am so impressed to see the latest revolutionary beauty invention, Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART).

Wanna be like her? I am pretty convinced that the Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART) will help you through this because it combines high energy radial waves with a breakthrough vaccum technology to metabolise fat cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Deeper penetration impacts and improves collagen structure 
and skin’s connective tissues for smoother and firmer skin. 

Benefits of ART
  1. Reduced edema (water retention) 
  2. Increased blood flow and cell rejuvenation
  3. Improved drainage of toxins
  4. Improved collagen structure for reduced cellulite visibility
  5. Strengthened connective tissues for firmer skin
  6. Increased lipolysis (breakdown/decomposition of fats within fat cells)
 You can do this treatment not only on your butt, but also on arms, thighs, abdomen and love handles. See the result in just 30 minutes! Or additional visible slimming results can be achieved within 6 to 12 treatment sessions.

Analysing Section

Entering the Marie France Bodyline outlet,  the staff will perform a Cellu Check Plus on you, a revolutionary medical diagnostic system which provides a clinical analysis of fatty deposits. This is where you detect the potential area of problem. 

VIP Treatment Room

You can rest and relax here as it displays a cozy ambiance that enhances customers' confidence in MFB and sense of comfort. Marie France Bodyline practises great Price Transparency, so all the packages and pricing are clearly stated without any hidden costs. 

Just sit back and relax throughout the slimming session!

Individual Treatment Room

Putting a lot of resources into technology, and training, MHB has incorporated its philosophy of slimming: Be Innovative! As the market leader, MHB is always ready with latest technology to help us through.   

The Wrapping Room

I personally feel it's one of the best treatment room in MFB. Equipped with long chairs, soft cushions, TV and pantry facilities, I am sure this offers the best slimming experience ever. 

I simply love with the large, princess-like mirror!

Consultation Room

For the whole treatment, the skilled consultant will monitor your progress towards achieving the ideal weight loss, and a nutritionist to guide you towards the journey not just to look good, but to stay healthy as well. Light exercise and proper eating habit will help shed off the extra pounds!

Male Treatment Room

To all the gentlemen out there, MFB's top-notch service has included a special treatment room for males. You can do the same way like the ladies- Lose extra pounds and sculpt body parts for health

Complimentary Hand Treatment

Using wax and liquid, it is very helpful to moisture your skin and smoothen your hand.
And the best thing is, this treatment is offered for FREE to every customer who signs up with MFB.

Just make a little effort to apply the treatment gel at home and I assure you that the effect would be even more long lasting and gives healthier benefits to your body!

Thank You Marie France Bodyline for the little ang pow!
I am going to try out the Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART) after this Chinese New Year!
Stay tuned for more updates about my slimming journey.

Last piece of advice from Amy to all of us: 

Believe in yourself. Set a realistic target to achieve. 
And most importantly, choose a trusted partner to guide you towards achieving 
the most beautiful side of you. Confidence is beauty :)

All Marie France Bodyline slimming programmes are suitable for both men and women,
100% safe, all-natural and free from the use of dangerous pills or injections.

For more information on Marie France Bodyline products and services,
please log on to www.mariefrance.com.my or call 1800-22-8222 (Toll Free).


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