13 February, 2013

Review: Vanity Trove Beauty Box: February Valentine Edition

It's Valentine's Day! Time to shower your girlfriend with flowers, gift and love. But if you're single like me, Valentine is still a reason to celebrate and pamper yourself :) Reward yourself with a beautiful gift because everyone deserves surprises on this special day!

Special thanks to Vanity Trove Malaysia for bringing so many surprises to me. I am truly enjoying the present ♥♥ From the moment I unbox, the moment I see the sweet greeting card, till the moment I'm surprised with the beauty products! I don't know to describe with words here, you'll know it once you got your VanityTrove box!

Vanity Trove Malaysia: February 2013 Edition
"It's All About LOVE"

Red and white, the pretty box is so solid that I can easily reuse it as a storage box. Don't waste, lol.
After "wow"ing at the box, the layer of wrapping paper adds more suspense upon unboxing!!

I am greeted with a flowery greeting card from Valerie, the lady behind VanityTrove.
So sweet of her to have this card handwritten to all her customers! :)

The most important thing in a beauty box is of course the leaflet that tells you more about the content of the box. Themed "It's All About LOVE", coincidentally it contains all the products that I really love!

To add more sparks to the Valentine box, there is this cute little box filled with chocolates. Sweet max!!

Upon unwrapping, the scent of romance from the box wafts into the air.
I really appreciate the floral scent, it feels like love is in the air ♥♥

 The selections of the month are beautifully arranged in the box. Not only VanityTrove is great at choosing the products for us customers, but the colour combination is awesome too. If you are buying one for your girl friends as Valentine gift, anniversary present, or birthday present, no woman can resist such awesome and thoughtful gift!

On average, each beauty box has 6 to 7 products, most of them comes in miniature size for you to try on and get yourself updated with the latest beauty trends. From hair, face, nails to body, all the products are suitable for all ages :)

#1. SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL Colour Save Shampoo (RM65 for 250ml)
and Colour Save Mask (RM100 for 200ml)

An essential protection for coloured hair. The shampoo ensures long-lasting colour brilliance as it cleans, while applying hair mask after that will help prevent colour fading.

SP is always a brand I trust, because it is so widely used in hair saloons, and so far I have used them a few times. The reason I switched to another brand was because experts say our hair shouldn't rely on the same product too long else it would get used to the product and then the product would be ineffective. But this is my first time trying on SP Color Save series, and the result is pretty good as my hair looks more shiny and silky after shampooing and applying the hair mask. 

#2. ORIKS Wild Ginseng Stemcell Twister Essence (RM218 for 35ml)

Soft and velvety, it reduces visible pores while hydrating and nourishing skin. For me, this is another good product that I've always wanted to try because my visible pores problem is getting worse every day T__T The essence is so smooth that it covers all fine wrinkles and skin flaw, but the best thing I like bout it is the brightening skin tone it gives! Although the sample size is quite small, but I think it will last me for a month or two, coz' each time I only apply a 10cent size of it. 

#3. ORIKS Wild Ginseng Stemcell Essence Twister BB Cream (RM108 for 35ml)

Formulated with plant stem cells, it helps to repair and keep your sin healthy while covering imperfections. The BB cream is very unique- Having 3-tier cream design including the milk lotion with wild ginseng, the concealer and the serum with repair complex CLR.

BB cream is girls' favourite nowadays, isn't it? :) Don't worry bout the ginseng because it doesn't smell at all. In fact, I am quite satisfied with the color control it gives. No more looking too white with BB cream on. 

It comes with a complimentary voucher of purchasing Twister Essence @ RM218
and get a Twister BB Cream  worth RM10 for FREE!!

#4. BENEFIT The POREfessional Balm (RM115 for 22ml)

Minimise pores and fine lines with this translucent, smooth balm. Containing Vitamin E to protect your skin from free radicals, its oil-free formula complements different skin tones and helps makeup stay put.

Yay, my VanityTrove box has this PORE professional to help my skin! For smoother skin coverage,
 I prefer putting it under makeup than over makeup, although both ways are applicable. 

#5. B.LIV Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel (RM139 for 30ml / RM179.90 for 45ml)

This wonder gel removes white heads and blackheads effectively and gently, while keeping oil secretions under control and banishes all kinds of skins irritations.

Blackheads: Another common problem for us girls. Simply apply this colourless gel everyday for easier removal :) Now I can stop tearing after each time removing black and whiteheads :P

#6. DI PALOMO Tuscan Rose Hand & Body Lotion (RM69 for 250ml)

After your shower, apply this lotion blended with moisturising olive and sweet almond oils for soft, smooth and nourished skin. I don't normally use scented lotion, as I prefer soft-like-a-baby-skin type. However, to my liking, the lotion is very fragrant with rosy scent. And feels quite light upon application.


To sum up, I am loving this Vanity Trove February box. Just for RM60, I can get 7 types of branded products to try on, each costing less than 10 bucks. Despite of the mini size, some of them can last me for a month or two, so I can save on my beauty shopping. 

With VanityTrove, these beauty miniatures would be personalized to suit your specific needs and wants, 
lovingly packed in a luxurious box and shipped off to your doorstep!

1) Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on www.VanityTrove.com/my for the monthly subscription fee of RM60 (inclusive of packing, shipping & handling fees) or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options to get credits that goes towards redeeming a complimentary trove!
2) Receive each month’s edition before the month starts. (You’ll get March’s themed trove by end of February!)
3) Receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it! Try and share it with your beauty buddies.

For more information, visit 


  1. that's a freakin awesome valentines gift... Oh oh i gotta find someone to give me that hehehe

  2. What wonderful valentines day products :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. hmmm I would say it is a good sign and bad sign as well, because this box thingy trend in other country around 5 years back if no mistaken :x

  4. We're currently collaborating with VanityTrove to create an exclusive, customized trove worth RM100 each instead of the usual RM50. Instead of the usual beauty products, we're adding a touch of our own by giving away fashion accessories in the trove as well. Win one absolutely for free this Mother's Day by sending a photo of you and your mother to frockon9@gmail.com and further instructions will be given on how you can win. Good luck!



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