07 March, 2013

Guerlain SHINE Automatique LE ROUGE Hydrating Lip Shine

A Summer Affair with Guerlain

Guerlain SHINE Automatique LE ROUGE Hydrating Lip Shine (US $43.45 for 3.5g / 0.12oz) is a 
beauty asset for the fun and flirty girls. From their 2012 Summer Collection, I have this #260 Jardin de Bagatelle, a very sheer pale grapefruit-pink with gold sparkles.

It is a cheery, light-toned pink with a soft, pearly pink shimmer-sheen. 
Despite of the light touch it gives, the colour is naturally bold, shiny and long-lasting. 

I thought this colour is easily found in other brands, but I couldn't find many that had the same level of shine and pearly finish. Most of them appear more dull, and not as luminous as this. 

It has a pretty opaque color coverage, but I love the light translucency and a shimmer-sheen finish that reflects light and gives off shine but doesn’t look too frosted. Plus, it wouldn't leave your lips sticky or dry after application. The lightly creamy, glide-on texture helps a lot during application. The glossy shine lasts for 4 hours on my lips, and my lips remain soft and smooth throughout the day.

Very suitable for everyday use. 
I have been using it for more than half a year, and am truly a satisfied consumer!

It comes in sleek, gold packaging. Very classy and fashionable.


100% made in France 

Seductive or not? HAHA!

Buy Or Not? 
Yes! For the high quality, long lasting shine and comfort when wearing the lipshine.

Where To Buy: Parkson, Isetan, Tangs, Sogo, etc


  1. OMG It looks so luxe and gorgeous! <3 But the price.... >__<

  2. I don't use lipstick...But this lipstick look glossy..& nice casing ;-)

  3. I love this lipstick, buy it definitely.
    Great post.
    Following you on GFC, you can follow if you like :)
    Gime (From GIG)

    fb: http://www.facebook.com/Coolrunwaystyle
    twitter: @Coolrunwaystyle
    Blog: http://www.coolrunwaystyle.blogspot.com

  4. Simply gorgeous! love it! xx Donah www.sweetjellybean.com

  5. I love anything w rose and gold! and i love guerlain :D (GIG)

  6. Hot lips are pretty :) love the lipstick
    xoxo KJ

  7. You're right, unique packaging!

    I thought it might be too shiny, but it looks quite natural on you!

  8. It looks great on you. And the packaging is so cool :)

  9. the case of the lipstick is so chic! like it!

    - from gig

  10. ohhh i love the packaging!! :) very nice colors too.

  11. Beautiful colour, beautiful packaging. I really want to try a Guerlain lipstick but at the moment I already have so many lipsticks, I told myself I first have to use one up before I buy a new one.

  12. What a gorgeous lipstick! That colour is beautiful!

    Style Without Limits

  13. Look so pretty on you! Love it. And you're right about the packaging. This might end up on my summer lippie list!


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