06 March, 2013

Tickling My Tastebuds

Eat to live, or live to eat? 

I may not be a professional food blogger, but for these 2 years, I am fortunate to have sampled different food- From the luxury gourmet for the upper echelons to the no-quality, yucky stuff served in front of me. 

Honestly, no food served in an eatery is exactly bad. Anything edible isn't bad, right? Anyway, here are some of the noteworthy and affordable food which I am craving lately. 

#1 Banana Chocolate Chips Muffin - Starbucks (Blogged: HERE

Starbucks Cafe is always filled with coffee enthusiasts. However, coffee isn't a completely novel experience in this place: The freshly baked doughnuts, muffins and gourmet cakes make a diverse selection for the hungry crowd. Topping my list is the banana chocolate chips muffin that never fails to brighten my day. My first nibble was greeted by an aromatic crisp on the outside, and pillow soft and moist inside. Despite of being so well-packed with chunks of bittersweet chocolate chips and bananas, the muffin was not overly rich and tasted melting good to satisfy my palate!

#2 Tori Teriyaki No Onsen Tamago Chahan - Mikaku Ramen @ Cheras (Blogged: HERE

To replenish the energy during midday, I enjoyed a sizzling hot stone bowl of Japanese fried rice--- a dish which showed great balance in the grilled chicken and complementary sweet flavours from the caramelized Teriyaki sauce. A quick cut and the golden egg yolk flowed out into a pool of fragrant, fluffy rice. The portion was quite sizable, so small eaters might opt for sharing. But for me, I gladly put away the guilt and monopolized the whole dish for pure satiation.

#3 Hunan "Yin Yang" Style Fish Head - De Hunan @ Puchong (Blogged: HERE

To satisfy my quest for spicy heat, the "Yin" and "Yang" Hunan style fish head came highly recommended.  It was swimmingly fresh with its sweet flaky flesh.  Featuring two types of Hunan pickled salted red and green chilies, a lot of its zing came from the sauce that packs a punch. Drenched in the chilli oil bath, my favourite went to the saltier side of the fish, which was topped with tangy green chillies. The beautiful medley of robust flavours were good to be toned down with a handful of noodles underneath the fish.

#4 Pavlova - CEDAR ON 15 @ Impiana KLCC Hotel (Blogged: HERE)

As much as I fill my stomach with main courses, there is always some space left for desserts. Delicate at sight and spectacular in taste, a fluffy light meringue sponge was baked to perfection and filled with fresh strawberries. Dressed with pistachio, a bite of this would bring me to a heaven of sweet, sour and fruity flavours. That makes it my favourite pick of dessert whenever it is available in the menu.

As much as I love food, an old saying is always in my mind: "You Are What You Eat".
Always know what you consume, eat moderately, exercise more and lead a healthy lifestyle...
so that you can live longer and enjoy more food around the world! :)


  1. The Pavlova look so nice & cute.

  2. oh Pavlova..I'm coming for u!

  3. the muffin and the pavlova was indeed captivating!
    it makes my mouth water a lot haha

  4. Despite the age is catching up, I am practicing to eat healthy,

  5. All the food you ate are so yummy!! : )

  6. I agree, we are what we eat! Loved the Tori Teriyaki...

  7. Is it too early in the day for dessert? I'm already thinking sweets. :-)

  8. De Hunan have a branh in Kuchai :)


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