04 March, 2013

Weng Yin Seafood Village (九哩香海鲜村) @ Port Dickson

Travelling down to Port Dickson is truly a seafood trip! About one and a half hour drive from KL, 
we reached Jalan Pantai, the long stretch of coastal road of Port Dickson.

I googled this restaurant beforehand,and read numerous reviews that praised this place
for its fresh seafood and reasonable price.

#1 PD's Famous Weng Yin Seafood Village (九哩香海鲜村)

Located 9 and a half mile along Jalan Pantai, it is easily noticeable form the main road. It has 2 separate sections, one with air-conditioners and another is open-air. Apart from crabs, this humble restaurant also serves other varieties of fresh seafood such as clams, mussles, squid, fish as well as prawns.

Famed for its crab- marmite, honey, and butter flavours, Weng Yin Seafood Village is often featured on  newspapers. Unfortunately, the day we went there was a Sunday, and their renowned crab was already sold out. Despite of that, we managed to try on some crowd favourite dishes.

#2 Hot Plate Otah (铁板Otah) @ RM14

Recommended. A very soft cube of spicy fish paste resting on a thin layer of sizzling egg, 
garnished with coriander leaves for better tastes and aroma. 

The homemade otak-otak dish was simple, but very comforting 
as it gave a very soft, gummy texture and not overly spicy for me.

 #3 Three Flavoured Fish (三味鱼) @ RM31

This 'flying' fish was a strong recommendation by the restaurant owner. Deep fried into crispy perfection, it absorbed the sauce very well while retaining the freshness of its white, tender flesh. 

The sauce had incorporated 3 different flavours- allowing a perfect balance of sour, sweet and spicy tastes. It tasted heavier than the usual Thai sweet chilli sauce, but was very appetizing, and good to go with a bowlful of hot steamed rice.

 #4 Sweet Potato Leave (番薯叶) @ RM6

To balance up the meal, we ordered the sweet potatoes leaves which the owner claims that they planted it themselves. Such comforting food tasted good as though I'm at home.

Right in front of the restaurant was a satay stall, best for supper or appetizer during dinner. The best thing I loved about the satay here was the lean chicken meat- almost skinless and minimal in oil. Best to complete my dinner here ;)

1. Price wise, it is pretty affordable as compared to other seafood restaurants along the stretch of the coastal road.
2. Overall, the restaurant offers many satisfying comfort food and highly recommended if you want to try on fresh seafood in Port Dickson.

Weng Yin Seafood Village (九哩香海鲜村) 
KM 15, Batu 9 1/2, 
Jalan Pantai,
71050 Port Dickson, 
Negeri Sembilan. 
Contact: 06-662 7559
Mobile: 012-6281660, 012-6291178
Facebook: fb.com/WengYinSeafood
Business Hours: 10am - 2pm and 6pm - 11pm


  1. Have not tried this place before. Next time if I happens to go PD...maybe I shall try it out ;-)

  2. will mark this...if ever go PD will try drop by

  3. I had my dinner here too on my last PD trip :P

  4. well the place seems simple and usual while the food looks nice

  5. The food looks great!
    I'll go to this restaurant when visit NS next time ;)

  6. Lean skinless satay is so rare these days! Yes I will check them out in May when I am headed to PD for a few nights.

  7. I am craving for Malaysian food! D:

  8. Now, I know which restaurant to go in Port Dickson


  9. The Hot Plate Otah very special.

  10. I love Sweet Potato leaves with sambal! Yum!

  11. The otak dish quite expensive....What type of fish they use for otak?

  12. Good and price also reasonable, highly recommended.

  13. Good and price also reasonable, highly recommended.

  14. Hi Fish, great article! We wrote about this same place and food too. Can read about it here: Port Dickson Food Hunt (Seafood Edition)


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