28 May, 2013

Review: Vanity Trove May 2013 Box: Awesome Wholesome

Hello, readers! How are you in this May? I'm glad that I have little surprises from time to time, to brighten my day and broaden my smile. May edition of Vanity Trove was one of the best of course :)

Since the theme of the month is "Awesome Wholesome", I kinda guessed that it would be a trove with something organic and natural in it. YES! And this time I got it correct. May's Trove is full of organic surprises for me and Mummy!

Let's see what's in the box. I have arranged the product according to my liking. 
Rank #1 is the item I loved most, Rank #5 is my least preferred item.

#1 PURE SOUTH Goat Milk Body Lotion - 30ml @ RM59 for 255ml

Scented with native Australian plant extracts and pure essentials, the vitamin A and D-rich lotion is effective for treating dry and distressed skin conditions. It contains rose oil and Roselle extracts that stimulate metabolism for optimal skin cell renewal. 

The texture is indeed very milky and light on the skin! Definitely serves as a great moisturizer. Now Mummy and I are sharing the same bottle of lotion :)

#2 HEAVEN ON EARTH Essential Oil Lavendar - 1.5ml @ RM50 for 5ml

An essential oil to promote sleep, balance and tone skin, reduce anxiety and aches, 
soothe insect bites and provides a relaxing and soothing inner calm.

I have long heard about essential oil but have yet to try any of it. Each flavour has different usage, but mine does a great job to promote a great 8 hours of beauty sleep! You can inhale or apply it on skin.

 #3 SCHWARZOPF Essensity Natural Shine Serum (Full-sized!) @ RM56 for 50ml

This feather-light serum gives a natural velvet shine to your hair surfaces, smoothes your tresses and tames the unruliest mane around. It contains a combination of organic essences of sesame and olive oils to improve hair texture quality for easy maintenance.

It's so light and not greasy at all!
I can see instant result from applying the serum! 
My hair is now smoother and less frizzy. Bye-bye flyaway hair!

#4 AVENE Thermal Spring Water (Full-sized!@ RM19 for 50ml / 
RM39 for 150ml / RM55 for 300ml

Treat your skin to a fine mist whenever you feel the need! The skin will become less sensitive, more balanced and has better defence mechanisms. Soothing, softening, anti-irritant and anti-free radical.

It is so easy to use! Simply leave on few sprays for 2-3 minutes so that it forms a protective film on the skin before dabbing it dry. And my face feels so protected by the gentle tender purity of this spring water!

#5 TILLEY Goat Milk Soap (Full-sized!@ RM12 each

The body bars are wonderfully creamy in texture and provide gentle cleansing on sensitive skin. With its ingredients sourced directly from Australian Goat Milk farm, it is pure and enriched with skin conditioning Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Cocoa Butter.

The box also includes some vouchers: 
#6 Antipodes and Nvey Eco Cash Voucher worth RM20

 #7 HiShop Cash Voucher worth RM25

#8 Mary Chia 4-in-1 Body Detoxification Therapy Treatment Voucher worth RM400

Vanity Trove May 2013: Awesome Wholesome


To sum up, I am overjoyed after receiving this month's surprise! The trove has been improving a lot over the months! All the organic products definitely suit my sensitive skin.

Thumbs up to Vanity Trove for giving better quality at lower price now! :)
Hope the next June "Obsessive Beauty" Edition brings more surprises!

Now you can also start subcribing to the exclusive July Edition themed "Infinite Youth" with KOSE!

1) Sign up and subscribe at www.VanityTrove.com/my for the monthly subscription fee of RM50 or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options to get credits that goes towards redeeming a complimentary trove!
2) Receive your June’s themed trove by end of May.
3) Enjoy the beautiful surprises and share it with your beauty buddies!

For more information, visit 


  1. i like goat milk's product! :D

  2. i will like the goat milk soap! June's Kose edition is quite attractive. but i really have too many skincare product d...

  3. goat milk lotion sounds very interesting! never noticed it at shops before :D

  4. I always thought that essential oil is expensive, thanks for sharing and will try to find this brand.


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