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30 May, 2013

I Love Laneige: My Favourite Skincare & Make-up Brand

Song Hye-kyo, the famous Korean model cum actress with flawless skin! 

I know her from the popular Korean drama, Autumn in My Heart (2000), and when she appeared in another famous drama, Full House (2004), I realised she doesn't age much and has very dewy skin! 

Until recent years, I can notice that she is turning more and more pretty!
I really wonder why coz' I am jealous of her bright and smooth complexion!

...Because she has started using LANEIGE skin care and make up products since 2008!

Laneige, which means 'Snow' in French, is a renowned Korean cosmetic brand established since  1994 to complete the beauty of women in their 20s. Laneige balances the appreciation of snow crystals with tireless research for the essence of hydration technology. 

Till now, Laneige continues the breakthrough in Water Science 
to achieve the moist and transparent skin that we all have longed for!


Sometimes applying heavy makeups and staying up till late night are unavoidable for me :( 
But thanks to Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX, now I can haz the secret of beauty sleep! 

It is my favourite skincare product! It promises me a 9 hours of intensive hydration,
overnight brightening and skin repairing. I love it so much because it is so easy to use! 

There are two types of Sleeping Pack: (1) For Firming ; (2) For Moisture

There is a chinese saying, "There are no ugly women in the world, but there are only lazy women". True enough, I'm categorised under the lazy ones. But this Water Sleeping Mask is awesome even for lazy women! Just wash up and simply slap on a layer of mask and I'm ready for bed! :D 

The pack has a very sweet-looking baby blue packaging, with thick gel translucent blue cream inside. But it feels light and easy to spread onto my skin. It absorbs so quickly that I don't feel there's a layer on my skin! 

Song Hye-kyo


Actually I have great expectation to this product because of the brand's strong reputation, and indeed it doesn't disappoint me! I woke up to moisturized, plump skin and after some time, I can see my skin becoming more firm, soft and supple.


When it comes to makeup, the new skin trend is being natural! The pretty ladies wear makeup as if they have not worn anything on the face! How can they achieve that? After using the Laneige SNOW BB Cream SPF 30++, I finally know why...

My favourite makeup essential: Laneige SNOW BB Cream SPF 30++

This is excellent for daily usage! I think for girls, we can skip the eyes or lips makeup, but the basic foundation is essential to protect the skin! This triple function BB Cream not only doesn't clog the pores, but it helps to moisturize the skin with liquid crystal essence. 

It comes in two colours- (1) Shimmer Brightening ; (2) Natural. I prefer the first one, as the BB cream appears more pinkish and gives an instant glow to my skin.  It is a very moisturizing yet not so watery type, which I love, and does not make my skin oily.

Perfect as a smooth base with UV protection,
now I don't look dull going out with bare face anymore! 

 Best paired with the Laneige SNOW BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++
I have read alot of positive reviews bout it, and hence am convinced to try it too! 
It is an award-winning unique compact BB powder with 5 benefits---

1. Soothes the skin
2. Skin tone correction
3. UV protection
4. Brighten skin tone
5. Sweat-proof (Best for hot Asian climate!)

I must experience the magic of this Laneige BB Cushion myself! 
Can't wait to see miracles happen on myself as the BB Cushion delivers light, natural and fresh makeup. 
But this is made only possible by the collaboration of Nuffnang Malaysia and Laneige to host a beauty workshop to create a flawless K-Beauty look!  I wish to be given an opportunity to join such educational workshop and learn more bout the tips and secrets towards being a naturally pretty Korean Beauty!

Do I look like her!! No? Nevermind.
After attending the workshop, I will have flawless complexion like hers!

More information about Laneige:


  1. I super love Laneige products! But it's quite pricey at Malaysia! I ended up order online or get my friends buy for me. Been using their sleeping pack! :3 The cushion bb cream really really awesome!

  2. cute! i bought quite some laneige skincare during my recent seoul trip.

  3. you looks great,with or without such product

  4. I agreed she still look as pretty as before. I am using Laneige Water Sleeping keep my face moisture while I'm sleeping in an air cond room.
    I also bought the BB Soothing Cushion for my mom ;-)

  5. oh the BB cream is sweat proof, wonderful for women in hot country like Malaysia.


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