08 July, 2013

Wendy's Malaysia Ramadhan Delight

#1 Real, Fresh, Fast Food

How long have I not had fast food! I didn't know that the industry of fast food has evolved so much that it is no longer focusing on burgers and fries. There are lots more amazing items in the menu... 

#2 Wendy's at Suria KLCC

Introducing to you the latest menu introduced by Wendy's Malaysia!
It's a Ramadhan deluxe menu where you can indulge in true Malaysian flavours 
with friends and family during this festive season.

#3 Malaysians' All Time Favourite: Ramadhan Deluxe Rendang 

Inspired by the flavours of our neighbouring country, Indonesia, Wendy's Malaysia introduces a wholesome set meal with Rendang as main dish in their latest menu. The well-balanced diet in Wendy's can be enjoyed with a choice between Beef Rendang Deluxe and Chicken Rendang Deluxe. It's fast but healthy! 

#4 Beef Rendang Deluxe

The Beef Rendang is a spicy sweet caramelized curry, in which the spiciness is toned down to meet local expectations. The succulent beef chunks are 100% originated from Australian beef, so rest assured that you'd be delighted for its quality and freshness. It is slow-cooked into soft, juicy perfection and well-infused with thick rendang gravy.

#5 Chicken Rendang Deluxe

The Rendang is completed with a bowlful of Coconut Rice, accompanied by Crispy Papadums, oven-baked Potato Rendang and slices of fresh cucumbers. So much as I fancy beef, I find that the Chicken Rendang is even better because of the smooth, soft meat especially when it is served piping hot from the kitchen.

Now I understand why a fast food chain like Wendy's can produce such quality food :)

#6 Chicken Rendang Deluxe

Back to my favourite of the evening, every bite of the chicken exudes rich flavours of coconut, lemongrass and chilli. If I were to have any complaint at all, I'd say I haven't had enough of the delicious gravy!

#7 How can my gastronomical journey be complete without Onion Rings at Wendy's!

#8 Onion Rings

For every purchase of the Rendang meal, feel free to add-on the signature onion rings for only RM2. The onion rings is super HUGE and crispy! It is freshly served from the fryer, so be careful it may be too hot for consumption.

I don't normally like the pungent smell of onions, but the onion rings here are crispy, savoury 
and I really wonder where had the smell gone! One box isn't enough once you got hooked on it!

No, Wendy's doesn't use artificial onion flavourings because you can see the thick cut of onion 
under the cripsy layer of breadcrumb.

#9 Wendy's Best Seller: Dave's Hot 'N Juicy Beef Burger 

Since we're already at Wendy's, why not treat ourselves with their best-selling burger? The patty is 100% pure beef, simply juicy and thick enough to satisfy my cravings. It is served with pickles, sweet red onions and melted cheese on the buttered, toasted bun.

#10 Natural Cut Fries with Sea Salt 

Every Combo meal comes with Regular Natural-Cut Fries and Carbonated Drink. The French fries is healthier in a way that it is cooked skin-on in 0 grams trans-fat oil and sprinkled with natural sea salt. By the way, if you're a fan of potatoes, Wendy's serves freshly-baked potatoes topped with lots of cheese, broccoli and chilli.

#11 Story behind the Natural Cut Fries with Sea Salt 

#12 Coca-Cola for the Burger!

#13 Frosty Float in Grape Flavour, Frosty in Chocolate and Vanilla Flavours

Despite of feeding my stomach with lots of delectable delights, there is always some space left for the desserts! Here you can go for a classic Vanilla or Chocolate Frosty, or blend in some Oreo's for a Twisted Frosty. Also, you can customize your own Frosty Float with your choice of soft drink.

#14 Frosty Float in Grape

Creamy vanilla ice cream in the soft drink makes your drinks
thicker, smoother and more enjoyable.

#15 Vanilla Frosty

As for myself, I prefer going back to basic. The vanilla is very creamy and milky, with a pretty thick consistency. The best thing I love bout it is that, it is not overly sweet and does not melt down easily.

Here's some of the  interesting facts I found bout Wendy's. 
True to its slogan, it's fresh food, made fast!

Wendy's Ramadhan Promotion
The Beef Rendang Deluxe and Chicken Rendang Deluxe are now available at Wendy's restaurants for a limited time at RM8.50 each. For a complete wholesome meal, you may add on:

Heaven & Earth Ice Lemon Tea @ RM2 instead of Normal Price RM3.95 /
Onion Rings @ RM2 instead of Normal Price RM4.50 /
Frosty (Vanilla / Chocolate) @ RM2 instead of Normal Price RM2.50

Come and dine with your friends and family this Ramadhan!

Wendy's can be found in Sunway Pyramid, IOI Mall, Jaya One, Mont Kiara, Giant Kota Damansara, 
Berjaya Times Square, Suria KLCC, AEON Rawang and AEON Ipoh Station 18

For more information, visit Wendy's at:
Website: www.wendys.com

**Note: This food review is made possible by Nuffnang Malaysia.


  1. luckily i had my dinner ady, else will starve to dead :P

  2. nowadays i saw Wendy's do a lot of promotion~ maybe their business not good as mc donalds~ XD

  3. you also have wnedy's there huh. well, here even tho it wasn't that famous anymore
    i still try to go there sometimes

  4. wow chicken rendang at Wendy's. I like their beef burger.

  5. always been one of my favs, the shrimp burger's nice, and the chilli too!


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