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08 August, 2014

Review: SCHOLL Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File

Hi sweetie! ❤ Pardon me, I gonna show lots of my foot pictures in this blog post, 
because I recently found a new love for my happy feet :) 

Let me tell you my little secret, I have always been upset about my dry, cracky heels. I tried lots of moisturizer, but the dead skin remains there all the time. Any help? YES! Thanks to Scholl for introducing the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, my feet can get rid of those hard skin and feel renewed again! 

Don't belittle this mighty device. It is an electronic foot file, that comes in handy with a special ergonomic design that is able to reach your most stubborn edges of your feet. Plus, the rubbery handle is just nice for me to grip on, and I can easily turn on the device by twisting the silver ring to the left. 

It is powered by 4 AA, non-rechargeable batteries. Once turned on, the roller will spin at high speed 
to buff away rough, hard skin. Here's the way towards smooth feet in just one button! 

The Micralumina Roller Head is  specially made of long lasting micro-abrasive particle for continuous filing results.  It's detachable, so you can always clean, wash and replace it with a refill whenever necessary.

You must be wondering if it works like an electronic shaver or cleansing brush?
Let me show you the way to get soft, beautiful feet in just one use

Just turn it on, gently glide the roller head over hard, dry skin (Remember NOT to wet it!) and the dead skin will gradually exfoliate. As the tool is 'moving' around the feet, it buffs away hard skin without hassle.

Caution: Do NOT press too hard or the device will stop, because it is damaging your feet! Do not use at the same area for more than 3–4 seconds at a time. Stop if skin becomes sore or inflamed.


Repeat until the level of smoothness is obtained. 

Turn it off once you have achieved the softness you desire.

The result is amazing! In less than 5 minutes, both of my feet become soft, smooth and beautiful again! Honestly, it looks as if it is a perfectly pedicured pair of feet that I did at beauty salons. With this electronic foot file, now I can enjoy the salon experience at home, and save a bomb from paying my visits there! 


Wipe or rinse feet to remove excess dead skin particles.
Dry your feet thoroughly and apply moisturiser to massage into your luxuriously smooth feet.

Clean the device.

After using it, I notice the roller head is slightly white in color with dead skin particles from my feet. So the surface should be cleansed everytime after use. Remember to detach and ONLY rinse the roller head under a tap, because the Foot File is not waterproof. Finally, don't forget to dry with a cloth and put on the protective cover.

SCHOLL Velvet Smooth Express Pedi @ RM129.90 // Refills @ RM49.90 per pack

Overall, I am a happy user of SCHOLL Velvet Smooth because:
1. It is the fastest and cheapest way to get rid of hard, cracky heels! Love the amazing, instantenous result!
2. Convenient! I can use it anytime, anywhere. Since it is so small and light, I think it's great for travelling. 
3. With regular use, it helps alot in maintaining soft, smooth feet all the time. 

Get your RM10 discount voucher now at
It can be used nationwide until 30 September 2014!

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  1. Your review is awesome.. Just looking at it makes me wish I was as creative as you when it comes to reviewing stuff! Fact is: I used it without taking many pictures beforehand =.=" Such a noob!


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