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06 August, 2014

Review: Carry the Style, Capture the Best

Hello! ❤ Recently someone asked me on Instagram whether I take all the (nice) pictures using my phone. Haha. I thought this is interesting, because I have not really shared with you on how my mobile picture can be so clear, vivid and sharp

And my secret is.... Samsung NX Mini

If you have been following me on Instagram, you'd notice I use alot of hashtag #myNXmini in the pictures I post. I usually snap loads of pictures using this camera, transfer them into my phone via WiFi Direct and upload directly to Instagram. Yes, it is just as simple as that!

Here are some of the landscape, portrait and macro shots I took using NX Mini. 
Seriously, the performance is wonderful for such a small, lightweight camera!
Also, I have blogged about my review on this camera: HERE#1 and HERE#2

Honestly what attracted me to get this camera at the first place is not just because of its powerful 20.5 megapixels sensor and 3.0-inch flip-up touch screen, but also because of the sleek, stylish designI wanna look as chio as possible with this camera, 

Apart from the ultra slim yet solid premium magnesium body, the natural leatherette exterior adds elegance to the camera. It looks exquisitely modern and fresh, with just the perfect touch of analogue. In one word, the contemporary yet vintage style suits all moods! 

Black, Brown, White, Pink, Mint ; Which NX Mini are you?

 For the pink princess. Pink NX Mini is perfect for the sweet date!

Pastel mint green can be fun and playful at the same time. Love this cool and chic color for all personalities!

Brown is something bolder and warmer for your boyfriend, husband or father!

White is so versatile, and suits every occasion. It's my favourite pick because of the contemporary and stylish image it portrays. Plus, after using it for 3 months, the white leatherette doesn't turn yellowish at all. Easy to wipe off any stains such as lipstick, chocolate, etc.

Lastly, the elegant black NX Mini. For both him and her.
The safest choice if you're buying this camera as a gift for your loved ones :)

Let's carry the style and capture the best!

For more information about Samsung NX Mini, please visit Samsung Malaysia.

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