20 December, 2014

Canon Pixma MG7570 Print Your Photos + Giveaway!

Now that it's almost a wrap for 2014! I was cleaning up the files in my computer, and came across tonnes of pictures I took throughout the year. It made me wonder...What do you usually do with old pictures? 

1) Create a copy on iCloud, Dropbox or external hard drive then delete them from your computer (Save space)?
2) Or just keep them in the computer (And leave untouched for the rest of the year)? 
3) Select nice ones and send to shop for printing?

Well, normally I'd go for Option 3, where each piece would usually cost me 35 cent and I normally develop in bulk, say 200-300 pieces. But now... a big thanks to the early Christmas gift from Canon, I can save a bomb by doing efficient photo printing at home

Yes, photo printing has never been so easy, convenient and cost-effective
until I have the latest Canon PIXMA MG7570 All-in-One Printer!

It comes in 3 colours: Black, White and Orange;
Of course I'd pick Orange because it is totally one-of-its-kind and I love cheerful colours!

Look how many photographs I have printed! 

Storage devices can be faulty, virtual files can go corrupted; therefore I always remind myself not to rely solely on them, but to make printouts that can last long. Using this printer, I'm surprised that the print outputs are so vivid and sharp! (although some pictures I print are of low resolution, downloaded from Facebook)

Personally I love printing out photographs and making scrapbooks as gifts to my besties, to remind them how memorable these occasions are throughout the year, and how important they are in my life.

I love buying large and thick photo albums in which I can arrange loads of photographs in it. Whenever I have guests at home, we can spend a whole day laughing over the silly memories while flipping through the albums. Don't you feel closer with your families and friends in that way?  

And having instant prints is a must for your parties/events/weddings!

I love Canon PIXMA Printing Solutions App where printing can be done wirelessly, without a computer! With the latest Near Field Communication (NFC) technology (only available for Android users), I can now print my photos by just tapping my phone to the printer. Cool right?

How To Use Canon Pixma MG7570?
My first experience using this premium wireless printer is simply awesome! All I need is to download the Pixma/Maxify Printing Solutions app onto my smart phone, and connect my phone to the printer.

Then choose pictures from the photo gallery, and select the size/type of the paper for printing.

It needs around 21 seconds to print one 4R photograph, 
and the whole process takes less than 2 minutes to complete! Super efficient right? 

Here's an example of picture I took during the Canon meet-up session, edited using LINE Camera app, and sent for printing immediately! The output is definitely more vivid and crispier than what I see on my mobile screen.

Thanks Canon for such an interactive session! Here's the video of us sharing our thoughts on printing memorable pictures. I guess all of us were too excited on that day and we could barely hear ourselves during the interview! Everyone was busy chatting away in the background and taking photos. Anyway, just increase your speaker's volume, and I hope you enjoy watching!

The best thing is, it comes with 6 single ink tanks for different colors (Unlike the conventional one where red, blue and yellow colours come in a single cartridge), so you can easily replace any of them when it is running low. Each color is also available in XL ink cartridges-- Print more at lower cost! 

Since it is an "All-In-One" printer, it has built-in scanning and copying functions, and able to print papers of various sizes such as A4, A5, B5 and Letter. Great for students and businesses to print documents too!

Other features of Canon PIXMA MG7570 include:
- 9600 dpi for crisp and sharp images
- Auto 2-sided print system
- Direct printing from memory card and PictBridge
- Cloud printing / scanning (Email, Google Cloud Print, Facebook, Twitter)
- Wi-Fi Connectivity (AirPrint, smart phones, tablets)
- Scan resolution: 2400 x 4800 dpi
- Intelligent Touch System with 3.5" Intuitive Touch Panel
- Full HD Movie print
- Fun filter effect
- Auto power on / off
- Quiet mode
- Warranty: 1 + 2 years on-site service

Overall, I'm happy with the performance of the printer-- Quick and silent printing, high-quality outputs, multi-functional and cost-effective. Now....do you wish to own one as well?

One lucky reader will win ONE unit of Canon Pixma MG7570 worth RM618! 
Just leave a comment below with your name, email, and answers for 3 simple questions below: 

1. What colours do the Canon MG7570 AIO photo printer come in?
2. What does the latest NFC feature of the Canon MG7570 AIO photo printer do?
3. Tell us what is your best 2014 memory that you cherish and would print out on the MG7570 as a keepsake?


Thank you everyone for joining this giveaway!! The Canon team and I have decided the lucky person who deserves this Canon PiXMA MG7570 the best :D

The winner goes to.....

Look what she said...
"Best memories of 2014. My grandfather has passed away on the beginning of Year 2014. While preparing for the funeral, we realise that we do not have much photos of our grandfather. We realise that we have not keep any proper soft copy of those pictures and we hardly have any hard copies of those pictures. That makes a realise that how many great memories through out the year are not properly keep and cherish. Therefore, my mum and I have this resolution that for this year onwards we would try to take as much photos as possible and send it for photo printing. I wish I could win this printer so that I can print out all my previous memories with my grandfather and to use it to create more memories with my only granny that is left. Therefore my best memory of 2014 is my last Chinese New Year with my deceased grandfather and the last picture we have taken together as a family."

Dear Tiffany,
We hope that you can cherish every moment with your family, take more pictures and share with us the photos you print throughout 2015! Congratulations and may you have a great year ahead! 

Please send us your H/P number and home address as soon as possible! 
Email me at ohfishie@gmail.com :)

To those who did not win,
No worries! More giveaways are coming your way! 
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