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10 April, 2015

Review: CLIO Virgin Kiss Tension Lip

Hello, CLIO! ❤ I have been using a couple of items from this Korean makeup brand for almost a year now, since my last review for CLIO CC Cushion, Lipnicure and Eyeliner. Now I've added new babies to my CLIO collection which is the hot red cutie on the right corner of the above picture.

CLIO Virgin Kiss Tension Lip 

I was a happy user of the previous red Lipnicure lip gloss from CLIO, and when CLIO announced a brand new lipstick with more pigmented shade and moisturizing feature, I just couldn't help but to grab one from the store and try it out! 

No. 8 Chu (3.5g) @ RM59.90 each

The CLIO Virgin Kiss Tension Lip comes in a sleek black case with a touch of glam that every girl loves. It claims to be a highly pigmented, longlasting lipstick that delivers rich color in one stroke. That's how it gets its name, "Tension Lip" --- To tense your lips with bold, flaunting color!

When I say it is highly pigmented, I'm seriously not kidding you because it really gives an ultra vivid shade although I apply it using the lightest pressure onto my lip. It smooths and coats every other fine line on the lip and gives a soft, supple finish.

From the model's picture (right for No.8 Chu), it looks slightly deeper than chilli red,
whereas as I try it on, the color appears brighter but equally dense and rich! 

Look how pigmented the color is! 

I really love the gorgeous matte and sheen finish upon application! The lips look more plump with less visible wrinkles, all thanks to the "Bounce up!" botox effect. Even after 6 hours, the color on the lining seems lighter but the centre remains vivid with soft coating. 

If hot red is too bold for you, you can choose among the rest of the 7 shades:

No. 1 Dangerous (Not in Malaysia) - Light orchid pink
No. 2 Touch Up (Not in Malaysia) - Plum pink
No. 3 Instant Love - Warm pink
No. 4 Pretty Plz - Coral peach
No. 5 Shock - Red orange
No. 6 Bangarang - Light pinkish red
No. 7 Some - Red burgundy
No. 8 Chu - Inkish bright cherry red

#1 High pigmentation, ease of gliding and longlasting wear. How can I not fall in love with CLIO Virgin Kiss Tension Lip? 
#2 For RM59.90, such a fabulous lippie is definitely worth the investment. For shinier look, I'd recommend you to add a layer of clear gloss so that your makeup is a total stand-out!
#3 Rating: 5/5 ♥ Repurchase? Yes! In fact, lipsticks are never enough for girls. Perhaps it's time to play around with other colours... 

CLIO Virgin Kiss Tension Lip is available at all SASA stores nationwide.


  1. Oooh hot and sexy!

  2. Lovely colour, and it matches your dress/top! :D I think it looks pinker on your lips though, as compared to the official photos. XD


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