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09 April, 2015

Review: Ephyra Skin Bar for Brighter, Acne-Free Skin

Hi sweeties! Have you read about my frustration over pimples popping out and there? As mentioned in my previous post, I have taken up a 3-weeks challenge of facial cleansing using Ephyra Skin BarNow I'm sharing the result with you. If you've not already known, Ephyra Skin Bar is famed for its whitening, anti-aging and anti-acne properties. Let's see what's my personal experience with this amazing soap! 

Based on the testimonials from the past consumers, most of them have serious acne issue and the soap really works wonder on their skin. As for me, my skin is pretty fair and almost free from acne except for the occasional pimples due to stress, hormonal changes, etc.

Therefore, I don't expect a huge improvement on my already good skin. To be fair, I diligently use Ephyra Skin Bar twice daily, for 2-3 minutes each time to ensure the best results like what others have achieved. 

Step 1: Wet your skin with water
Step 2: Rub Ephyra Skin Bar onto your palm
Step 3: Apply on entire face and massage gently for 2-3 minutes
(up to 5 minutes for dark/ problematic skin)
Step 4: Rinse off and apply moisturizer

The application is pretty simple as the soap lathers very well and the thick foam is able to reach every corner on the face and neck. I purposely had my makeup on, to test how well Ephyra Skin Bar is able to remove dirts and makeups on my skin.

And the result is surprising! My foundation, concealer and eyeshadow are completely gone within minutes, I guess the soap does a great job in deep cleansing and removing any impurities on the skin. Plus, it feels very mild to me and does not irritate my skin at all. No overdrying after using it.

Over a 3-weeks period, I notice significant improvement on my complexion under sunlight. It doesn't appear as yellowish or dull as before, and of course pimples are completely cleared out too! Although it doesn't help much on my open pores issue, I still love how the soap bar is able to brighten and smoothen my skin.

I have been using the soap bar for a couple of weeks but it doesn't seem to have shrunk even a bit in size. A small bar that fits onto your palm can probably last you up to months! But, always remember to keep it in a dry place and avoid contact with water so that a little can go a long way.

Personally, my skin is definitely better and now I don't have to put on layers of concealer and powder to hide my imperfect skin. The anti-bacterial and oil-controlling properties really help to tackle the stubborn pimples, and my T-zone feels less oily even under the sun exposure. 

#1 Love the foamy texture of the soap that feels light and mild on skin, yet able to work effectively especially on acne-prone areas. Plus, it can cleanse away most (if not all) of the makeups.
#2 After 3 weeks, the skin becomes clearer, more glowing and less oily.  
#3 Rating: 5/5 ♥ Repurchase? Yes! It's retailing at only RM39, definitely a great steal.

Ephyra Skin Bar is available at RM39 (individual pack) from authorized Ephyra dealers
and distributors nationwide. Do check out more about Ephyra Skin Bar!

Contact: 019-3800 779 / 03-4141 7889
Instagram: @ephyraskin


  1. Great review dear!
    Salam kenal dari blog julia johari.

  2. y suddenly you got pimples one .. but good hah Ephyra? Helps to kill the pimples fast!!

    1. yes. it does. feel free to whatsapp us at +6012 923 2825/ 2851 to try yours today

  3. If you still are confident enough to hunt for a right soap for acne yourself, then you can go ahead and try out many soaps and then decide which one is good for you.


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